WebTeb.com Releases Infographic Highlighting Stats on the Alarming Rate of Diabetes in Arab Region

WebTeb.com, a Palestine-Jordan based website that has been created for the purpose of sharing latest news and information about the world of health and medicine. The prime focus of the website is to promote healthy living by equipping their readers with comprehensive health and wellness information in Arabic language.  The website bridges the gap of interaction between their readers and health practitioners, hospitals, doctors, dentists, pharmaceutical companies and health education institutions. The website recently shared an infographic that highlights the current statistics on the prevalence of Diabetes in the Arab Countries.

The modern lifestyle of many people equipped with the recent amenities is all about ease, commutes by walk have been replaced by riding a vehicle to the destination, home cooked laborious food has been taken over by readily available fast food, not many people prefer take the elevators or escalators in lieu of the old fashioned stairs. The conveniences are coming back to haunt people in the form of depreciating health and wellbeing. The infographic prepared by WebTeb aims to highlight the current alarming state of Diabetes in the Gulf and Arabic region. 

As the infographic outlines, the main reasons behind type 2 Diabetes are excess body weight and lack of physical exercise. Unfortunately type 2 Diabetes is the most prevalent around the globe as the infographic reports that it constitutes about 90% of the entire diabetic population. This translate in to 1 out of every 9 people would have type 2 diabetes. Health experts believe that this stat hints how people in Arab should be thinking about making healthier lifestyle choices to curb their chances of developing the condition.

Dr. Mahmoud Kaiyal, WebTeb CEO said: “Diabetes is one of the easiest diseases to diagnose, has become known to all the symptoms of diabetes, the bulk of the associated symptoms of diabetes, such as complications of the disease, disruption of the main power source of our – glucose. Early diagnosis is essential for optimal treatment, and can change the course of the disease.”

However, experts believe that prevention is better than cure. Living with type 2 diabetes is expensive according to the stats shared by WebTeb infographic. In Qatar diabetes related expenditures are the highest at $2,748 and UAE is the second highest.

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