Go Off-roads with Airwheel S5 Intelligent Self-balancing electric skateboards

For those people loving to go off-roads and approach to nature, Airwheel S5 intelligent self-balancing scooter is a good travel mate, conforming to all requirements of off-road.

The rapid development of technology is changing the world. It is common to see people drive cars on the rough roads, which is an unimaginable thing at decades ago. The meaning or the goal of going off-road is to purse the excitement and a feeling close to nature. Cars can do it, but a new gadget also can make it in a different way. Lovers of trying new things can challenge Airwheel S5 self-balancing electric scooter, rolling on the two sturdy wheels and powered by battery imported from Japan. It enables adventure-seekers to explore nature’s wonders.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jd7xchD_0Y

Since Airwheel S5 is spinning on two tires, it’s effortless to keep balance when riders stand on the feet platform. Of course, rider should open the power button via the mini remote control also called vehicle lock. Hands are holding the handlebar. The rolling directions of S5 electric hoverboard not only depend on handlebar operation, but also rider’s body movement. Leaning forward of body is to speed up; leaning backward is to slow down; keeping straight is to stop. That’s the main point to learn S5.

Everyone longing for a try feels it’s an easy-to-use travel tool. To realize unimpeded journey, the key lies in the tires. Two big customized 16-inch Cheng Shin tires are knobby with grooved patterns, contributing to a thrilling yet exciting ride. It can conquer any kinds of outdoor road conditions, such as the bumpy roads, slopes and soft grassland. Thus, S5 works well on the off-road.

S5 electric hoverboard

S5 intelligent two-wheeled electric scooter is suitable to stroll around the streets. Since there is one feature left out on the above. Actually the operating arm is a little long, so an attachable bag is fixed on the rod. It allows riders to put some personal items. Riding S5 would be convenient for those people loving to approach to nature as well as to challenge off-roads. Facing the wind blowing to ride this S5, electric scooter is really a kind of pleasant sense of life.

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