GPS Safe, Inc. Announces The Solution To Air Conditioner Theft Nationwide: CONNECT PROTECT RECOVER

GPS Safe, Incorporated a leader in Global Wireless Security specializing in REAL TIME asset protection, reports that The Scorpion, its flagship application has recovered 6 stolen Air Conditioner units in Memphis Tennessee without damage. All 6 air conditioner units were stolen at different times, from different locations, by different copper thieves. Each air conditioner unit was recovered without damage, and reinstalled saving our customer thousands of dollars in losses. More important than the recoveries, each thief was arrested and facing prosecution. Air conditioner and copper theft is a multi-billion dollar per year loss to property owners, churches, home builders, insurance companies, investors, banks, and property management companies both residential and commercial. GPS Safe, Incorporated provides a turnkey application including installation assistance of the Scorpion unit anywhere globally. Our monitoring center works directly with law enforcement in REAL TIME to recover stolen assets, as well as provide documentation to assist in securing a conviction.

The Scorpion is not just for air conditioner units. Customers uses the Scorpion for appliances, pool heaters, furnaces, on-site trailers, the applications are endless.

“We have lost hundreds of air conditioner units to theft and destruction over the last few years. The average cost to replace an air conditioner unit is approximately $3,000.00 making the Scorpion unit a cost effective solution. This amazing technology has reduced our first time thefts to almost zero. But recovering the AC units without damage to be reinstalled is ground breaking. This avoids having to file an insurance claim saving us thousands of dollars per occurrence. Without the Scorpion installed recovering the AC units would never happen, and the thieves would still be on their path of destruction. We manage hundreds of residential properties. Each property will be armed with a Scorpion unit.”

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) between January 1st. 2010 and December 31st. 2012 there were 33,775 claims pertaining to copper theft. Fifty-five percent of the claims were on commercial policies, while 45 percent were on personal policies. The Scorpion is used to protect both commercial and residential locations. This crime is quoted as an epidemic by NCIB, insurance companies, and everyone effected.

About GPS Safe, Incorporated:

GPS Safe, Incorporated uses The Cloud and IOT (The Internet of Things) technology to provide real time asset protection globally, but its current focus is asset protection domestically.

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