Author Ron Walker releases new book, “I Almost Gave Up”

“I can still remember the way my gun felt in my hand as I sat in the woods thinking, I can’t take life anymore.”

I Almost Gave Up:

How I made it Over Depression and Inadequacy

By: Ron Walker

: 978-1519327345

Paperback $7.99

E-Book $2.99

Ask for it at your favorite bookstore or order online wherever you buy books.

I Almost Gave Up lightly details 7 steps author Ron Walker used to overcome the depression he experienced after enduring a divorce, failed business and the loss of his grandmother. This book succinctly communicates how he had to REFOCUS in order to overcome depression and inadequacy.

Ron Walker has been writing, speaking and ministering for over a decade now. He delivers a powerful message of faith, focus and determination. He is a licensed and ordained Christian minister that holds degrees in Biblical Studies, Theology and Psychology. His other titles include, “It’s My Time: Stop Complaining and Start Changing,” “On Track, to the Kingdom,” “Your Best Day Today,” “Life after Loss,” and Motivational CDs as “One Day at a Time,” “Passion 101,” and “Dollar and a Dream: Succeed or Die Trying.”

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Instagram: @AuthorRonWalker

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