Ballya Medical Introduces Revolutionary PS/PES Hollow Fiber Technology to Help Build Dialyser Manufacturing Plants

China based Ballya Medical is leading dialyser manufacturer that brings PS/PES Hollow Fiber Technology for medical devices and healthcare companies to build their own Dialyser Manufacturing Plants.

Guangzhou, China – November 24, 2015 – A dialyzer is important equipment that is used to purify the blood of patients who are suffering from kidney diseases. The equipment enables patients to receive hemodialysis. There are many healthcare companies, medical device manufacturers and others that intend to produce dialyzers at an affordable cost. For such companies, Ballya Medical brings the revolutionary PS/PES Hollow Fiber Technology that will allow companies to build their own dialyzer manufacturing plant, without a need to have a significant level of investment.

With their innovative technology, Ballya Medical helps a dialyser manufacturer to produce the equipment at a cost-effective price. They offer a turnkey dialyser manufacturing linewith100% intellectual property rights. The automated production line brings in an advanced technology to manufacture PS/PES Hollow Fiber. According to the spokesperson of Ballya Medical, with this innovative hemodialysis membrane technology, a manufacturing unit can produce from 0.3 million to 5 million units per year. The automated dialyser manufacturing line reduces the manpower needs and delivers PS/PES Hollow Fiber within a given budget.

The Dialyzer Membrane Manufacturing Equipment functions in an automated environment with cleaning, drying, solidifying, quality checking, packing and other important parameters of a well-programmed workflow. The equipment is available in different models with different capacities. Ballya Medical shares the complete dialyser manufacturing and assembling technology for companies to carry out their PS/PES Hollow Fiber manufacturing task in a hassle-free and sustainable manner.

Dialyzer Membrane Manufacturing Equipment

For a dialyzer membrane manufacturer, Ballya Medical brings the technology and a complete knowhow for building high quality and high efficiency dialysers for serving the hemodialysis community worldwide. With a quality inspection approved by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA China), Ballya Medical’s dialysers are ideal for high quality dialysis and which set a new standards in the fields of patient care. The high performance dialysers are manufactured using Pharmaceutical Grade materials, such as Polysulfone or Polyethe-sulfone.

Ballya Medical has dialysers in different sizes that are highly efficient in middle molecular removal and smaller molecular clearances. One can check the specifications and features of their dialysers on their website

About Ballya Medical

From 2000, Ballya Medical has been in the field of research and development of hemodialysis membrane (Polysulfone or Polyethersulfone hollow fiber). Today, they have 7 patents for their technologies of hemodialysis membrane industry application. Comparing the technology of Germany and Japan, their technology extremely reduces the production and labor cost of all equipments, from Hollow Fiber to Dialyzer. They design the production lines with full automation functionality.

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