Practical, Versatile, Efficient and Wireless; Announcing Custos Bone Conduction Hi-Definition Video Sunglasses with Bluetooth Enabled Phone & Music Support

Custos Bluetooth, HD Video Sunglasses Now Available in a special and unique “CrowdFunder” package starting at $174

DENVER, CO – Nov. 24, 2015 – Today, (, a new cutting edge wearable technology eyewear brand introduces CUSTOS its new sport eyewear with bone conduction technology, high definition video and photo, Bluetooth enabled phone and music support and full EMR shielding.



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Designed to ensure the ultimate level of situational awareness, functional utility, versatility and comfort – without compromising the user experience. Custos are wireless, open ear sport Sunglasses made to promote safety.

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts from hardcore extreme sports addicts, runners, cyclists, hikers, backpackers to weekend warriors to the less intense, friends and family looking to enjoy and participate in life’s moments. Enjoy a festival, picnic, sporting event, kid’s game, day at the beach, walk in the park…

The common thread uniting these active, happy people is their desire to minimize their technology so they can participate more, have more fun and still have a beautiful, high quality, high definition record of their experience.

Custos is designed to deliver that experience and at the same time provide maximum versatility, functional utility and a safe, easy, hands free and user friendly experience.

“While Custos is exactly what I had envisioned in a group of features I wanted to incorporate into this wearable tech, I am continually being surprised at all of the different and unique ways the field testers have found to use Custos,” says Kurt Inagaki, former professional fly fishing guide, entrepreneur and Founder of “Custos is the realization of my personal and professional quest for the non-clunky, comfortable, easy to operate and hands free eyewear I was looking for and hoping to find.”

Incorporating bone conduction technology and integrating electromagnetic shielding into the design unlocks the potential for increased situational awareness, safety and battery life, allowing for a user experience that is inherently, by design, more safe. Additionally there are no cumbersome ear buds hanging from the glasses, no paddles attached, nothing has to be plugged into the frames. Cleaning up the design alleviates so many issues and enhances the experience.

Bone conduction in particular is a huge design improvement. Custos uses bone conduction technology to transmit audio waves to the inner ears through the skull, bypassing the eardrums completely. Eyewear naturally fits onto your skull just above and behind your ears. This leaves your ear canals open, allowing you to remain alert and aware of your surroundings while you jam to your favorite playlist, enjoy an audio-book and the Bluetooth® 4.0 connectivity enables the wireless capability and utility of your smartphone to place and receive calls and the voice activated features of your phones connectivity via Bluetooth.

Custos Features:

Full 1080p HD Video & 15 Mega-Pixel Pics:Hi-Def Video, super high resolution stills, great audio, 63 degree wide angle capture. Full 2 hours of recording time (mini sd card dependent)

 Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity: Enables the voice activated capabilities of your smartphone to make, place calls, listen to your favorite jam or audiobook

 6 Interchangeable Lenses, UV-400 Protection:All are UV-400 coated, 2 Polarized options, Gray and REVO and 4 TAC color options, clear, high viz yellow, blue and rose

 Full Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR Shielding: Protects the user from potentially harmful EMR and prolongs battery life. 

 One Button Activation and Hands Free Use: Easy to activate and operate, hands free use

 Open-Ear & Bone Conduction Design:No ear buds stuffed into your ears, hanging down from your frames, open ear design allows you to be more situationally aware of your surroundings

 Dual speakers and Dual mics: Great call and sound quality 

 Sweat & Weather Resistant: Built to power through daily sweat sessions and wicked weather.

 8GB AND 32 GB micro sd card, C10 speed with adapter: two cards so you’ll always be ready

 Mini 8 pin USB: Convenient and universally accepted, multi-device utility

Custos is now available at an early-bird discount for a special, only on Indiegogo “CrowdFunder” package that includes: Custos Eyewear, Carrying Case, 6 different colors of interchangeable lenses, 8GB and 32GB mini sd C10 speed cards, cleaning cloth, instruction manual, mini usb charging cord AND includes shipping worldwide starting at a price of $174 (MSRP $289).

Custos via Indiegogo are anticipated to ship in February/March 2016 AND supporters wanting to give Custos for the Holidays are provided a “Golden Ticket Option”.

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About brings bone conduction technology to sport, HD video and Bluetooth® Sunglasses designed and priced for everyday use. Through a suite of technologies and a completely open ear design, Custos Sunglasses delivers on an easy push button operation, hands free experience and a promise of safety and comfort that unequaled in its market. is committed to the dichotomy of innovative design and packing the latest tech into a minimalist design and making situational awareness a priority. Learn more about the brand at

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