We are representing an innovative gadget which will become more than just a modern piece of your home decor. THE SELFIE MIRROR will take care of your beauty, entertainment, smart home devices and safety of your family.

Do you  want to show the full outfit to your friends? Thanks to SELFIE MIRROR, bad quality selfies with a phone in the hand are getting a thing of the past. Now you can take the full body length selfie easily. Built­in professional light and high resolution camera allow you to take professional looking photos at home. It is much more easier than you can imagine! Just set the number of frames and  delaying time using the special app. Ready!  Strike a pose. After that  don’t forget to share perfect selfies to your social networks right from the mirror surface. You will be passionate about changing your profile pictures day by day and sharing your fashion troves with friends.

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Let alone wearing make up!  That’s a special part of women’s outfit. Looking flawless has never been easy. Nevertheless with 2000 Lumen professional light you always can control the process of applying an ideal make up and avoid any mistakes that can make worse your natural beauty.

Do you have a video blog or you are about to create the one? You don’t have to buy a lot of expensive equipment as THE SELFIE MIRROR has got everything you need. Built­-in HD camera with autofocus, perfect light and the special app ­ all is in one device! You will be amazed how easy you can get the video of your dream. It’s your time to shine!

Every woman wants to be sure her family is safe. Especially if she isn’t around. An innovative 2­-way surveillance system is designed for all moms. You can look after your kids when you are out of the room or reassure they are okay without a risk of waking him up.

Smart home control feature is multi­functional. Manage lights, garage door, video door bell and any other smart home devices right from the mirror surface.

Pre­-order your SELFIE MIRROR right now. Different sizes and versions are available.

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