Benefits of using extruded aluminum profiles

“The extrusion process makes it possible to take full advantage of aluminum unique physical characteristics. The malleability of aluminum makes it a material that is easy to cast and machine. Although aluminum’s density is one third the density of steel, p”

Aluminum extrusion is a process that is used to transform aluminum alloys to objects which have a definitive cross sectional profile. We supply with a wide range of aluminum products like aluminum framed sliding and casement doors and windows, thermal break doors and windows, curtain walls, household and industrial aluminum profiles.

Why aluminum is the material of choice

1. Aluminum is one of the most malleable metals

Aluminum is one of the most malleable metals that you can find. This means that it cannot easily break or crack when it is being shaped. Aluminum can be bents several times without breaking or cracking. This makes it one of the best materials when you want to create complex shapes. Aluminum is a perfect material if you are looking for a material that can be bent several times without cracking or breaking.

2. Aluminum is not a magnetic material

Aluminum is a metal that is not affected by magnetic fields. This makes a good material if you are looking for something to use in high voltages applications or in any other areas with powerful magnetic fields. It is impossible to use most of the other metals in high voltage situations of because of the strong magnetic fields created by the high voltage.

3. Aluminum is a strong lightweight material

Although aluminum is one of the metals that have low densities, it is a very strong material. Therefore, it is one of the suitable materials to use when you need a light material that can withstand a lot of force. This explain why aluminum is the main material used to make planes. The fact that it is light makes it easy for airplanes to get airborne and its strength helps to ensure that the planes do not break apart because of the forces they are exposed to while in the air.

4. There is no limit to the number of times that aluminum can be recycled

You can recycle aluminum as many times as you want. The quality of the recycled metal will just be as good as the quality of the metal that you had before. It is a great choice of material when you are looking for a material that you can recycle and reuse over and over again. The fact that aluminum can be recycled infinitely makes it ideal if you want to save on cost.

5. Aluminum transfers heat very efficiently

Aluminum can be used in places that you want to lose heat from rapidly. This explains why aluminum is popularly used to make heat sinks. When used as tool, you can be sure that your tool will not easily be damaged because of the high levels of heat. This is because the heat will be conducted away fast. Aluminum is the best materials to use when you want to lose heat from various machine parts.

6. Aluminum does not rust

Although aluminum is a highly reactive metal, it does not rust like other metals. This is because of the formation of an oxide layer of on the surface of aluminum that prevents further reaction. Aluminum can be used in high heat conditions and in places with high moisture content without worries about rust. This makes aluminum one of the most durable metals. It will last longer than most metals.

7. It is easy to make complex shapes from aluminum

The nature of aluminum makes it easy to construct complex shapes. There is no shape that you cannot make from aluminum. You can make any complex shape you want through casting or bending the aluminum so that it fits the shape profile that you want. The complex shaped materials that you are going to make from aluminum will last for a very long period of time.

8. Aluminum is highly conductive

Aluminum is a highly conductive metals. Therefore, if you are looking for a highly conductive material that will last for a long time, it is one of your best choices. Aluminum is two times as conductive as copper. This explains why copper is being replaced by aluminum in many applications. Aluminum is also much cheaper than copper.

Swift manufacturing ltd supply with various of extruded aluminum profiles for doors and windows, curtain walls, household doors and windows, industrial profiles.

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