Why is extruded aluminum profiles considered best?

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Aluminum extrusion is a process where aluminum is transformed by altering most of its physical characteristics. In this case, definitive cross-sections are introduced in aluminum hence boosting its versatility. Extruded aluminum profile usually has a wide range of uses than when it could have been in its unprocessed form.

Today, companies that manufacturer metallic products mostly consider extruded aluminum for its advantageous nature. Note that other metals can be extruded too. However, extruded aluminum tends to dominate all other metals.

Here are the key reasons why Extruded aluminum is considered ideal:

1. Flexibility

Extruded aluminum can be tuned to form different shapes without any difficulties. This is simply because the process of extrusion makes aluminum more flexible than in its original form. Furthermore, the definitive cross sections on extruded aluminum makes the machining process easier by far hence boosting flexibility.

2. Non-Corrosive

It goes without saying that corrosion is one of the factors that contribute to quality reduction in metals. The truth is that most metals are prone to corrosion especially if they are in their unprocessed form. Unprocessed aluminum too is prone to corrosion.

The benefit of extrusion is that it makes aluminum immune to corrosion. This means that aluminum extrusions can withstand extremely harsh conditions. An added advantage is that extruded aluminum can last for a very long time without deformation.

3. Stronger

Strength in any metal is paramount. One of the reasons why aluminum is taken through the extrusion process is to make it stronger than before. The main property of extruded aluminum is that as temperature goes down, it becomes much stronger. This is something that can be enhanced further through extrusion.

Extruded aluminum can therefore withstand high pressure without ruining its form. This explains why this form of aluminum is used in making huge construction bars. Its strength cannot be disputed.

4. Non-Combustible

At very high temperatures, some metals burn and end up producing toxic fumes. This not only threatens that health of the user but also limits the durability of the metal. Extruded aluminum happens to be different from other metals in the sense that it is non-combustible. It has the capacity to withstand very high temperatures without burning or producing toxic fumes. This particular property makes extruded aluminum perfect for industrial use. It is environmental friendly and with no capacity to put your health at risk.

5. Non-Sparking

One of the reasons why some metals are not considered best is because they produce sparks especially when exposed to intense friction. This is usually not the case with extruded aluminum. The extrusion process makes aluminum resistant to friction. In other words, extruded aluminum cannot produce sparks irrespective of being exposed to friction for a very long time.

In this regard, extruded aluminum can be used in applications that directly involve explosives. It can also be used in highly flammable surroundings.

6. Lightweight

The weight of extruded aluminum cannot be compared to that of brass and iron. Arguably, the weight of extruded aluminum is 1/3 that of iron or brass. This is a clear indication that extruded aluminum is lighter by far.

Note that the light nature of extruded aluminum does not compromise its strength. The main advantage in this case is that extruded aluminum can be used in making different items including households. Aside from that, extruded aluminum can be shipped in bulk since weight is not a major concern. Actually, most people opt to import aluminum in its extruded form.

7. Easy Alloying

Another key reason why extruded aluminum is considered best is that the respective alloys can be made easily. Simple alloy formation processes such as riveting, welding, soldering, adhesive bonding and brazing among others can be used in the case of aluminum. This is because of the favorable texture that aluminum features. It is for you to choose the aluminum alloying method that works well for you.

8. Electrical Conductivity

It is true that there are other metals that conduct electricity. However, extruded aluminum has a higher range of electrical conductivity. This means that it can be used in making electrical products such as cables.

Arguably, the amount of current that extruded aluminum carries is twice that of copper and thrice that of other metals. This simply means that aluminum is the most ideal metal for electrical use.

9. Non-Magnetic

In its extruded form, aluminum does not have the capacity to develop magnetic charges. In other words, extruded aluminum can work best in areas where the effect of magnetic forces is not required. For instance, extruded aluminum can be used in electronics that emit unnecessary magnetic charges. It can also be used in high-voltage applications since it helps in limiting magnetic effect.

10. Recyclable

No one can deny that anything recyclable is very important. This is simply because such a substance can be reused again and again hence reducing the cost of production. One of the very unique properties of extruded aluminum is that it can be recycled. It does not matter the span that an aluminum piece has served. Its scrap value still remains intact. Extruded aluminum can therefore be recycled while still upholding its key properties.

11. Reflective

The reason why extruded aluminum is used as shielding agents is because it is highly reflective. It helps in bouncing back unwanted light rays. It can also be used in reflecting back infrared and radio waves. In most cases, this property is applicable in industries and medical facilities.

12. Accepts Finishes

An easy way of customizing extruded aluminum is by applying a finish on it. The best part is that extruded aluminum fully accepts finishes. You can apply any finish that suits your preference.

The prime benefit here is that extruded aluminum can be used for decorative purposes, especially in constructions. Most people consider it best in enhancing the appearance of their residence.


The many properties that extruded aluminum has only communicate that the metal is highly versatile. There are so many things that extruded aluminum profiles can be used to achieve. The bottom line is that aluminum in its extruded form is far much advantageous than other metals.

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