Analysis of the prospect of electric hoverboard

With the acceleration of urbanization process, congestion and environmental pollution has become a chronic illness. Energy-saving and emission reduction has begun to become the main melody in more cities. In the short distance travel, electric self-balancing scooter, convenient, flexible and pro-environment, is fully capable of filling the gap between the motorcycles and walking.

Congestion and environmental contamination has become a chronic illness, due to the acceleration of urbanization process. Convenient, flexible and pro-environment, electric hoverboard is fully capable of filling the gap between the motorcycles and walking. Though there are a host of merits, intelligent electric scooter still have some disadvantages, which curbs the further development. The following will have analysis of the prospect of the self-balancing scooter market.

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Light, portable and trendy, self-balancing electric scooter is something new to attract the attention of others. Though it may not be as popular as electric bikes or electric cars, the advantages of intelligent electric scooters are also self-evident. In today’s fast-paced life, the electric scooters with the feature of challenge will surly attract a vast amount of people, especially the youngsters.

Intelligent electric scooter is an emerging market, which is positioned as green travel transport. The appearance of electric hoverboard is trying to build first and last mile solutions, to be a connector. It’s that first- and last-mile commute that scares people away from mass transit. It will become young students and office worker’ means of transport; and it is the fifth wheel of car drivers.

But there are several obvious disadvantages about the intelligent electric scooter: the price is slightly high, compared with electric bikes; the road policy is uncertain; there is a risk of flapping street if not riding skilfully which needs to be overcome. Then it is the safety problem, such as the safety of lithium battery pack and its technical requirements. Next, the after-sales problems cover the repair and return postage.

intelligent electric scooter

All in all, intelligent electric scooter industry has a promising market prospect, with such features as convenient, portable, and environment friendly. More importantly, the uses of self-balancing electric scooter range from transport to exercise tool and patrol tool. Anyway, it is a process to change and improve the above disadvantages, same as every emerging product.

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