C.T.S Technology Comes Up with a Unique Mobile Phone Jammer That Promotes Driver’s Safety

W-box is a cell phone jamming device that can stop cell phones from receiving incoming calls or texts, allowing drivers to concentrate on driving and stay safe without engaging themselves on a mobile phone.

Talking on a mobile phone or texting while driving a vehicle could be very dangerous for a driver. To address this issue, entrepreneur Jeff Teng has come up with a unique solution, named W-box. This is a cell phone jammer that can stop cell phones from receiving incoming calls or texts while driving. This small device helps drivers to concentrate on their driving and drive safely without any distraction.

Teng has been inspired to develop this mobile phone jammer after the death of his colleague in a road accident that happened because of his colleague’s habit of texting while driving. Unlike common mobile phone jammers, W-box doesn’t jam a phone by itself. Basically, the device needs to plug into the car. When the engine starts and it detects that the car is moving, it will send a signal to the carrier and thus, the incoming calls, text, social media notifications and everything else will be blocked, so that the driver is not distracted.

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According to Teng, W-box is a type of self-blocking jammer, and it is the driver who can enforce it to jam all mobile phone signals. He, however, maintains that the device has its own importance in ensuring a driver’s safety, and this is the reason why his idea was appreciated greatly and he managed to raise a whopping $3 million for the design and development of this intelligent device. Teng reveals that it’s a far better idea than ordinary cell phones disablers and will be more useful for motorists who want to drive safely and prefer to block cell phone usages while driving.

C.T.S Technology has now created the device and which is ready for use. The device is around half the size of a pack of cards and links to cars’ electronic systems. It is capable of blocking calls, messages and social media alerts, to reduce driver distraction. If a vehicle is moving at a speed more than 5mph, W-box automatically blocks mobile phone signals. And as soon as the car engine is stopped, the mobile phone reactivates again.

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According to the spokesperson of C.T.S Technology, W-box is likely to be launched in the China by the middle of 2015 and could arrive in the UK, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile shortly afterwards.

In order to learn more about the device and other cell phone jammers, one may visit the website http://ctstechnologys.com/

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