Chad T. Collins, Entrepreneur Academy Creator, Featured on Influencers Radio

Chad T. Collins, creator of an entrepreneur academy, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show with Jack Mize. He discussed how he helps elementary-aged children learn about entrepreneurship.

Chad T. Collins has had a successful career in Corporate America, managing sales teams for several Fortune 500 companies. He consulted as a trainer and development manager for these companies. His passion, however, for most of his life was in becoming a special education teacher. Family circumstances intervened and he put his dream of becoming a teacher on the fast track.

Currently a special education teacher, Collins realized quickly that there were gaps in what he was teaching that could be filled with this corporate background and experiences. To the benefit of his students, he is doing just that.

“I wanted to be an educator and give back like people had invested into me during those developmental years of elementary school, junior high and high school. I grew up doing the regional Special Olympics as a volunteer. I have grown up with the heart and the passion for that population. With the right educator and the right advocate for their success, not only are they going to succeed in school, they’re also going to succeed in life,” shares Collins.

His other passion is helping Generation Z students learn about entrepreneurship, something that is not taught in schools. He developed an entrepreneur academy that teaches elementary-aged students how to run a business, using the lemonade stand model. His program is quite comprehensive and has become very popular. This after-school program allows him to teach and coach students that are not in his classroom.

“I get them at third, fourth and fifth grade level, when their little minds are just starting to get formed. I have a chance to impart the skills that are really going to teach them self-confidence and motivation and give them grit. The kinds of things that will carry them through life and give them social and emotional skills that they’re going to learn through growing a business,” explains Collins.

In addition to business skills, his program ties into the school curriculum, as well. He provides them with a practical application of education which is “outside the box” thinking for a public school system.

Collins realizes his passion may be unique, however, he envisions engaging with other educators who share this passion and who will help to create a future group of Generation Z entrepreneurs. Chad T. Collins, former corporate success and current education success, is changing the world in his own way, one student at a time.

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