New Formaldressaustralia’s Collection Formal Dresses 2016 Comes Before the New Year 2016

Formaldressaustralia unveils its new collection – formal dresses 2016 in November. All the products are available to customers. Before purchasing the dresses, customers can get coupons, gifts or other things.

Long before the approaching of the year 2016, Formaldressaustralia has prepared the best formal dresses – Formal Dresses 2016 for all beautiful and fashionable ladies. Different from the plain 2015 style, all the dresses in this collection are strongly colored. They are red, dark gray and black. It makes all the dresses elegant or sexy instead of cute and pure.

Designers greatly use floral appliques especially black appliques when creating these dresses. Black lace appliques cover the bust and connect with the font splits naturally at the left side. Black and white beads entwined the shoulder and the waist like vines. Black lace appliques with sequins blossom at one shoulder and at back, making the dress asymmetric in look. Also, these black flowers form the open back style.

To give these apparels an elegant looking, designers choose satin as the main fabric. Satin has a glossy and smooth face. Its great advantage will show up at the dinners, parties or other important events. When lights on, these satin dress shine, just like diamonds. Besides the amazing look, satin also gives the wearer a soft touch. Even the dull back of the satin feels comfortable, let alone the face. With dresses made of such soft fabrics, the wearer may feel good all day long or all night long. To satisfy all the people, designers also combine some other fabrics such as chiffon, tulle and taffeta. The tulle is used in layers at the bottom part of prom dress to add bulk. Chiffon is lightweight and flies when the wearer walks or dances. Taffeta holds its shape easily because of its stiffness.

Most of this collection is long formal dresses. Long dresses are more formal than short dresses in some special occasions. Even if the dress is short inside, it has a long covering made of some light fabrics. For example, the inside of the dress #Formal02017420 is made mini length, and out part is floor length. The side is made of satin while the outside chiffon.

Formaldressaustralia said this collection is the greatest one that it has produced. So check the formal dresses 2016 to find out how true it is.

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