I Profumi del Marmo Captures the Aromatic Essence of Italy’s Timeless Appeal in Three Perfumes

Italy, and its glorious, timeless capital Rome, has long been synonymous with grace and beauty. From its majestic architecture to its vibrant culture, Italy is the epitome of allure. A new set of perfumes entitled I Profumi del Marmo (The Perfumes of Marble) from Cararra embodies the energy and appeal of Tuscany ragion and the unique luxory marble that were integral to its prestige. I Profumi del Marmo includes three captivating scents – Statuario, Calacatta, and Arabescato – that will invoke divine sensuality in the wearer and those near to them.

These new perfumes are more than mere aromatic creations, they are artistic manifestations of Italy’s most famed structures. Each perfume draws inspiration from a particular type of marble found only in Italy, but each was created using a balance of powerful and seductive materials like amber, honey, freesia, peach or orange. One sniff from any of these delightful scents is enough to set the heart drumming and the mind afire.

Uniquely bottled in crystal with a marble capstone, each of these new scents would be an ideal addition to any glamorous ensemble. Whether for a sedate, quiet rendezvous or a wild night on the town, I Profumi del Marmo has the perfect scent to make the experience unique and memorable.

To learn more about Cararra and its exciting new line of perfumes, please visit their website at http://bit.ly/1NgT252 or find them on Facebook.

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Media Contact
Company Name: I Profumi del Marmo
Contact Person: Claudia Vannucci
Email: iprofumidelmarmo@gmail.com
Country: Italy
Website: http://bit.ly/1NgT252