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Gourmet Lamb Jerky Sticks made with Natural Lamb from one ranch in Central California. Mild tasting, non-greasy 9” sticks, 2 per package. Two flavors: Teriyaki and Spicy Pepper. Shelf stable.

LAMB STIX are hitting the market!!! The first gourmet lamb jerky sticks made from lamb naturally raised without hormones or antibiotics from Frank’s Basque Family Farm in Central California. The family farm has been raising quality lambs off the hills of Tracy, CA for generations and recently had the idea of this great grab and go product to promote lamb in a simple way. Rather than using undesirable portions of the animal, Lamb Stix are made with the most prime cuts in order to provide a truly special snack. From the leg of lamb to the rack of lamb and shank, this product contains the whole lamb with seasonings in a convenient form to enjoy anytime. The non-greasy 9 inch sticks are sold in a 2 pack and weigh between 1.75 oz.-2 oz. Lamb Stix are mild and come in 2 delicious flavors, teriyaki and spicy pepper. Both flavors are getting outstanding reviews from the company’s current customers.

Some people have either never tried lamb or had a bad experience with it. However, quality lamb will convince those who have never tried it and change the minds of those who previously tried a lesser quality lamb. Lamb Stix are a great options for fisherman and hunters because they are shelf stable and provide a great protein source while outdoors. Retailers near colleges are selling the jerky sticks well, proving it is a favorite of students as a handy snack or part of a meal. Athletes and fitness buffs will appreciate the lean protein before or after their activities.

For retail stores, Lamb Stix are received in a 10 package case that converts to a shelf display for ready marketing. The packages also have hangers at the top for a different display option.

Frank’s Basque Family Farm also raises lamb for whole carcass sale to grocery stores and restaurants and provides a home delivery of cut and wrapped lamb to local residents. Another product they offer is a premium ground lamb which is a lean ground product from the whole lamb, not the off cuts… similar in premise to the Lamb Stix. The 4th generation ranching family truly believes Lamb Stix will be the new “big thing” in jerky products!

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