The Oomph Coffee Maker: Perfect Coffee Anywhere, Anytime

United Kingdom – On November 27, 2015, Matthew Deasy is launching a Kickstarter campaign for Oomph, a portable coffee maker that is designed to brew consistently awesome cups of coffee.  

“The Oomph Coffee Maker came from my love of coffee; I didn’t want to have to put up with stale instant coffee on a train or when hiking. I wanted to have my favorite cup of coffee anywhere I wanted, when I wanted, and how I wanted,” the creator explains, “We have poured our hearts and souls into creating the perfect portable coffee maker which is simple, durable and designed for everyday use.”

The Oomph Coffee Maker is an easy to use, elegantly designed portable coffee maker and travel cup in one. All that is required to use the device is fresh coffee, hot water and a coffee lover.

Oomph has been in development for five years and was created out of a love for coffee by Matthew Deasy, a coffee engineer with many years’ experience. In several years, Matthew has gone from dreams to sketches to prototyping and several test models later with his final prototype in hand is now ready to share his amazing product with the world. 

The Oomph Coffee Maker is aiming to raise a total of £26,000 by the end of the year. The crowdfunding campaign will help Oomph manufacture its first production units and deliver them to market early in 2016.

“The Oomph really excites me – having tested it thoroughly I would definitely buy one. It rates very highly when compared with other devices,” said World Barista Championship Judge and Q Grader Jonny England, “The key benefits for me of the device are the ease of brewing, the quality, taste and feel of the coffee and that you can take this device anywhere.“

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers will gain access to a variety of rewards including the Oomph Coffee Maker at a special Kickstarter price.

“With the help of the Kickstarter community and coffee lovers we will get our first production run completed and get the Oomph Coffee Maker into the hands of coffee lovers around the world.”

For more information, please visit their website here or contact the creator below.

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Company Name: Oomph Coffee Maker
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