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Pick Proof Seals – Best theft deterrent on the Market because they can NOT be picked like TSA locks.
TSA Approved Pick Proof Seal for Luggage – no special tool or key required to open and no combo to remember. Over $6.7M sold in Australia travel market alone.

These seals can NOT be picked and relocked without you knowing it like most padlocks can. CBS news reported that over 200 items are stolen every day from checked bags at New York’s JFK airport. When a thief sees a Pick Proof Seal he quickly moves on to an easier target.

Luggage theft is a huge issue for travelers today with CBS News reporting that over 200 items go missing EACH DAY from New York’s JFK Airport alone. TSA approved locks are giving travelers a false sense of security because most can be picked easily, and when relocked, you have no idea someone has been in your bag to take something out of it or plant something in it. 

Along with theft, drug smuggling has been an issue as well. There have been incidents where travelers have been arrested in countries with very harsh drug smuggling laws and the traveler claims the drugs found in their bag had been planted there by someone else. With a Pick Proof Seal you are instantly alerted to the fact that someone other then yourself has been in your bag, not the case with a lock that can be picked and relocked or a lock that has many master keys floating around.

Pick Proof Seals helps solve both issues because these seals can NOT be relocked once broken and each seal has its own unique ID. When a thief or drug smuggler sees a Pick Proof Seal he quickly moves on to an easier target. 

TSA authorities like these seals because they do not require a special tool or key to get into the bag should they need to. They also help airport authorities isolate where the theft is occurring in the process because these seals cannot be reattached like a picked lock can be. TSA security also knows that if you packed and sealed your bag with a Pick Proof Seal, they probably do not need to search it and most bypass the search process. Nobody likes someone rummaging through their personal belongings anyway, right?

Designed and manufactured by a company in Austin, TX, with over $6.7M sold in the Australian travel market alone. These seals are the number one theft deterrent seal on the market with so many uses: Checked Bags at Airpot, Transferred Bags on Cruises, Checked Bags at the Concierge Desk, Bags left unattended in Hotel Room, Purses, Backpacks, Sports Bags, etc.

Travel with added Peace-of-Mind, use Pick Proof Seals on your next trip.

Safe Travels, everyone!

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