BranchBox – New USB-C Dock Expands the 2015 MacBook’s Potential

San Jose, CA – On November 12 2015, technology startup Branch USB launched a Kickstarter campaign for BranchBox, a new dock was designed to change the way people use their 2015 MacBook. 

“People have fallen in love with the sleek new computer, but for many, the single USB-C charging port is a real limitation,” says the team, “The BranchBox USB-C dock opens the new Macbook to exciting possibilities with a USB-C charging port, 4x traditional USB ports, a MiniDisplay port capable of 4K resolution and the crucial new feature of allowing simultaneous charging while data syncing.” 

An additional popular feature is a charging status indicator built directly into the bezel of the hub, producing an elegant glow signaling the charge state of your computer. At only 13mm tall, BranchBox is as slim as the cutting edge notebook. The dock feels as comfortable on the go as it does sitting permanently on your desk, and the lightweight, compact design easily slides into a pocket or case. 

The project began when a group of Silicon Valley design and computer engineers, who also happened to be amateur musicians and photographers, wanted to plug in their external music gear and camera equipment to utilize all the great software found on the Macbook. It was soon found that no hubs were available for this new USB type C platform. 

The lack of hubs was directly related to a delay in the industry to produce USB-C specific chipsets. Branch has expedited this solution by implementing their own firmware on currently available MCU’s, giving them more flexibility and the advantage to go to an earlier production ahead of all would be competition. 

“When we were designing BranchBox, we wanted to make something that would complement the beautiful aesthetics of the new MacBook,” explains the team, “We started with a machined aluminum body and gave it soft rounded edges. We then bead blasted the aluminum shell for a finish identical to that of the Mac. The BranchBox looks phenomenal with your new MacBook whether it is silver, gold, or space gray.”

So far BranchBox has become a hit, being fully funded on Kickstarter within 24 hours. In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including an early bird BranchBox for $99 (or the special Kickstarter price of $109), and more. The Branch team says they will begin offering perks and extras such as an expanded color line if additional funding goals are made.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below. 

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