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Love the Sweet, Feel the Heat!
Our Candied Jalapenos (Regular) are our signature product. For years they have been a crowd favorite. The combination of sweet and flavor at first and the slow heat at the end is what keeps customers coming back for more. No matter the audience, our peppers are a pleasing addition to any recipe.

Sweet Heat Peppers, LLC offers four products. Candied Jalapenos, Regular and Hotter, Sweet & Spicy Pickles, and Candied Jalapeno Seasoning. We also offer our products in our Sweet Heat Bundle Box. Our products make great gifts, and are a great fit for any meal. We have customers that grill, bake, marinade, season and drink with all our products. The sweet and flavor combined with the heat of the jalapenos lend an addictive addition to any meal, snack or drink. Yes, we said DRINK. A cocktail with our Candied Jalapenos makes for a great happy hour.

Our Candied Jalapenos and Sweet & Spicy Pickles each have a recipe on the jar for a cream cheese spread or dip. The dips are simple to make and are a great hit at any gathering. From croissants and breads to crackers and chips, our dips go great with anything. Add some chopped Sweet & Spicy Pickles to egg, tuna, or chicken salad. Put our Candied Jalapenos in your next potato salad. Everyone will be asking what that flavor is. Show them what that flavor is by setting a jar of Candied Jalapenos out for your next taco night. Any of our products can be used straight from the jar, as a condiment. Spice up a burger, steak, brats or pizza. 

The Candied Jalapeno juice can be used to marinade any meat in, or use as a dressing for salads. Pour it over your next pan of baked chicken or drizzle over your next bowl of ice cream. 

The Candied Jalapeno Seasoning will make a HOT addition to your next movie night. It goes great on popcorn. Top off your next boring salad or grilling expedition with this fantastic spice. Use our seasoning to kick up your spaghetti or pizza sauce. Add the seasoning to your next salsa recipe.

The Sweet Heat Bundle box is a great way to spread happiness to loved ones. This way, your friends and family can enjoy trying each of our products as a gift. 

Sweet Heat Peppers Candied Jalapenos, Sweet & Spicy Pickles and Candied Jalapeno seasoning are wonderful additions to any kitchen. Let us spice up your life.

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