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Individuals who need cash and have structured settlements or insurance annuities can turn to 123 Lump Sum for prompt assistance.
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Los Angeles, November 24, 2015 —  The Chief Executive Officer of 123 Lump Sum, Michael Asseff, introduces his company by noting, “Many people who receive settlements for personal injuriesor other reasons are promised income over a 40-year period. Unfortunately, during and after the recent financial crisis, many people lost jobs or faced significant financial hardships. These individuals need their money now, not over a number of decades.”

Andrew Savysky, President of the company, adds, “What we do at 123 Lump Sum is help those individuals access that future stream of income and convert it into cash now. We also eliminate the middleman, and that allows us to offer the clients a fair price for the purchase of their settlement. Additionally, we pride ourselves in providing that cash very quickly.”

With headquarters in southern Florida, 123lumpsum.com provides services as a specialty finance company that helps individuals who have structured settlements. The firm takes an institutional approach to financing, underwriting and providing legal expertise for the purchase of future cash flows from structured settlements and insurance annuities.

Over the past 13 years the company has assisted thousands of individuals with the process of accessing their cash instead of waiting for it over a period of years. This success has allowed the company to recently close its first fixed-rate asset-backed securitization, which totaled more than $43 million.

Savysky concludes his comments with, “The team at 123 Lump Sum truly cares about our clients. They are proud that we have access to financial resources at great market rates. This means we can provide the greatest amount of cash to at each client at the least possible cost. Whether our clients need financial help or want to start a business, we can make that happen promptly.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming of Worldwide Business, adds the perspective, “We know our viewers will find this innovative approach of 123 Lump Sum a powerful financial tool for anyone with a structured settlement. Whether for them or a loved one, this solution might be life-changing.”

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