Burton, Washington Entrepreneur Emily Herrick Offers Ways Women Can Achieve Balance and Success

DALLAS, TX – 11/24/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — On the heels of the national attention to the work-life balance issue , Millennium Professionals Magazine, a media outlet that has been keeping professionals savvy about the issue since 2006, has partnered with Emily Herrick ,a Nerium Brand Partner, to help with it’s mission to expose men and women to opportunities that will help them spend more time with their loved ones. Professionals like Herrick provide a flexible option for those who once thought they had the idea solution to the work-family-life balance issue.

“The ability to balance one’s roles across work and life doesn’t just happen. People who feel balanced aren’t in autopilot reaction mode everyday. It takes planning and being intentional about the to do’s everyday Many times, it’s a matter of choosing which opportunities to seize and which ones to decline,” said success coach and human behavior expert Dr. Trevicia Williams.

Some of the best ways to  balance career and family include: 

1. Understanding that balance entails selecting what’s most important to focus on throughout the day-resting, exercising or declining opportunities is key.

2.  Manage social media time. A lot of people get caught up in online activity–checking for updates, responding to comments and posting new information which causes stress. Giving yourself a break from the busyness of social media frees up your time for other important things.

3.  Allot quality time for self. During the chaos of everyday, most professionals unintentionally neglect themselves.  Intentionally setting aside time to refresh and revitalize by doing things like reading a book, devoting time to your favorite charity, praying or exercising is fuel for your mind, body and soul.

In today’s world, there are multiple strategies for balancing work and family roles–some women choose to stay at home and raise their children, others work part-time, some work from home, and yet others work full time in the corporate world.  While these approaches to the work-life balance issue seem to work during one phase of life, they may not work as well for the next stage. For instance, what works well while children are young may not work as well during their teen years. Oftentimes, women discover they have to change their strategy to respond to the changes within their family.

Professionals  like Emily Herrick who provide a vehicle for others to feasibly have a fulfilling career and family life is an answer to the work family balance tug of war. Herrick is a Brand Partner with Nerium International, a relationship marketing company with science-backed anti-aging solutions for face, body and mind as well as a professional passionate about helping others achieve balance and success through the Nerium opportunity. Whether you’re looking for an additional income stream a way to leverage your income or to make a career move all together, Herrick can help through the Nerium International  opportunity–relationship marketing skincare.

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