Reviews of Airwheel X3 Intelligent one wheel electric scooter

Admiring cool guys of rolling Airwheel X3, single wheel scooter doesn’t mean that you must have one or you can’t catch up with the latest fashion. The following content is reviews of this electric unicycle. Believe you can let it go if you have no idea about scooters.

An electric unicycle is an electric assisted vehicle. But, unlike the electronics in electric bicycle which just augment the human power and leave the steering to the rider, the electronics in the electric unicycle helps the rider to balance and stabilize in addition to giving thrust. This newly arisen product like Airwheel X3 electric unicycle has both its strength and weakness.

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The obvious strength possessed by Airwheel X3 is that it’s labor-saving since it’s powered by battery. Apparently it’s a green product that is the firm reason of its debut. Is it easy to ride? Some people think it’s much easier to learn riding on a motorized unicycle compared with a conventional man-powered pedal unicycle. If you ever tried balancing yourself on a pedal type unicycle, you need to know that riding on an electric unicycle is a very different experience.

Pretty much, the only thing they share in common is that they both have just one wheel. Basically, you lean your weight forward to accelerate, lean backwards to brake, and lean left or right and spin your arms to turn. You can even lean diagonally and the e-unicycle listen to you. The key is to learn how to self-balance. In a couple of hours, you will become an expert. Overall, it’s agile and slippery.

Airwheel X3

Electric unicycles do have limits, namely its weakness. You can’t lean too much forward or backwards, or there is a change that you would fall. After some practice, you will sense what limits are. You will know what your margins of safety are. As you can expect, the performance is pretty modest. There is not a lot of room for batteries and big motor, so the range is somewhere around 18-23 km. The speed is about 10-18 km/h, slower than a car or normal vehicles and better than just walking. We won’t want the unicycle to reach uncontrollable high speeds when going on the downhill. Hence, its inherent disadvantages are obvious.

Hope these reviews of unicycle can help you to treat some new stuff.

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