Risense Car Wash Equipment Brings Profitable Business for Global Entrepreneurs at an Affordable Startup Cost

China based Qing Dao Risense Mechatronics Co. Ltd has car wash equipment, bus and truck wash system, special vehicle wash equipment and other machines at affordable prices that one can use to set up a profitable business in their local markets.

Qingdao City, China – November 25, 2015 – Setting up a car or bus washing facility could prove a profitable business proposition and it requires a small setup cost. China based Qing Dao Risense Mechatronics Company helps entrepreneurs around the world in setting up their own car, bus or truck washing business at a small cost. The company provides car wash equipment, available at an affordable cost and that is easier to set up to start a profitable business venture.

Risense has a range of car, bus or track washing systems with advanced machines and the latest technological equipments. They have the rollover car wash machine that is equipped with the advanced car model detection technology for a perfect car wash. The profiling air-dry technology provides an efficient, fast and low-cost car washing capability. With low power consumption, the car washer features a complete vertical lifting of the top brush for a flawless cleaning and washing of vehicles.

According to the spokesperson of Risense, they invest significantly in the technology that helps create new-generation car wash systems for the modern entrepreneurs. He states, “We are Risense with a significant technological breakthrough, such as the synchronous tire sensor that can guide the car into the car washing machine. Besides, our wheel guild-rail conveyor can shorten the space and the super-soft flannelette brush offers a flawless vehicle cleaning.” The high quality foam brush and top profiling air-dry help achieve a perfect car wash speedily and at an affordable cost.        

Risense believes in the car wash technology that offers an easy setup and a simple and efficient operation. Their bus and truck wash system is based on two-key washing system that has been intelligently programmed for the self-detection of faults and thus promotes an easy failure recovery. The tilted side brush improves the cleaning performance and brings in an improved washing procedure.   

car wash equipment

They have improved quality vehicle washing systems that can help entrepreneurs quickly achieve their return on investment and achieve their profitability.

To learn more about the car, bus or truck washing equipment they have, one may visit their website http://www.risense-carwash.com

About Qing Dao Risense Mechatronics Co. Ltd

Qingdao Risense Mechatronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, the predecessor of which was Car Wash Machine Business Department of Qingdao Yifengze Industrial Co., Ltd. Since Jan 1st, 2010, Risense has been introducing technical information, production and inspection standard, technical engineers and key spare parts from technical-advanced counterparts abroad in order to manufacture the state-of-the-art car wash machine equipped with CPU, which is qualified to complete the car wash procedure precisely and have such subsidiary functions as LED screen, voice guiding, detailed data management, car wash printer and so on.

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