House of Tzarina Revolutionizing Fur Fashion Owes Its Rapid Success to Social Media and Creativity

The owner of House of Tzarina, the 27 year old stunning Ollia Rarisame said ‘Social Media gave me a career i am now passionate about!’

House of Tzarina is a fashion brand that has been recently launched to focus on offering luxurious fur at affordable prices that also carries young and fresh vibe while maintaining the highest standards of quality. House of Tzarina was launched 6 months ago and in a short span of time became a social media success; the company maintains a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and has used this platform to its advantage to bring their unique brand proposition to a niche that clearly needed catering to.

Fur has made its way back in to the fashion scene in a big way in the past few years, as celebrities, fashionistas and socialites can be spotted donning fur coats and jackets as the colder weather rolls in. Ollia Rarisame, the founder and owner of House of Tzarina who has been a fan of fur apparel noticed a lack in the choice of fur garments available and thus set out to create product to cater to that niche.

I was tired of seeing the same black and brown mink furs everywhere, i wanted something young, and fun, colorful! – Ollia says.

She then established a brand to serve the niche the company saw for luxurious fur at affordable prices. It took only six month for the fashionistas to notice Ollia’s work and get hooked. The ‘Princess Fox’ jacket is the brand’s the most coveted item in any fashionista’s wardrobe. The newest collection feature an array of trademark pastel colors and a wide range of shades, ranging from striking jewel tones to baby pinks, the unique fur garments have made a real statement on the fans of fur jackets and coats. According to the company’s spokesperson House of Tzarina’s fur pelts are of imported white fox from Finland which is ultimately the best fox on the market. We also have a selection of carefully selected faux fur which will surpass all expectations with its uncanny resemblance to the real fur. The fur jackets and coats are weightless, lined in silk, will last for many years to come and are within reasonable budget compared to other fur brands.

The brand also carries a limited faux fur collection and a capsule collection which offers a more affluent client with lynx, sable and chinchilla.


House of Tzarina offers glamorous, trendy and affordable fur garments. The brand is based in Dubai and Los Angeles.

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