The Affluent Comeback Of Boxing

25 Nov, 2015 – Traditionally boxing was always thought of as a blue collar sport but the revival of the sport has made an unexpected return into the luxury market. With the latest installment of the Rocky boxing franchise “CREED”, coming out this week, it is the first of many boxing movies on its way to your local theater.

This time boxing is making a strong comeback but you are now seeing corporate executives, fashion, women and the aristocracy looking to get in the best shape of their lives while learning the “sweet science”. This elite class is also looking for the best in equipment, athletic wear and the best trainers with real boxing federation experience.

One such trainer at the forefront of this movement is Donato De Martiis at the landmark 5th Street Gym on South Beach. For 60 years it has been known for training boxing icons like Mohamed Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard but now you can see the likes of Matt Damon and Adriana Lima sparing it out and preparing their bodies for their next shoot. 

Donato has now become the boxing trainer of the elite professionals looking for the genuine boxing experience that is reserved for athletes going into their next federation match. Mason’s has definitely raised the bar as to what you used to think boxing equipment used to be.  Now the most sought after equipment for the aristocratic boxer, it would be surprising to know all their luxury leather goods are handcrafted in Italy to the point where Louis Vuitton and Polo Ralph Lauren and have created luxury lines of gloves for that are between $3,500 and $11,500 a pair. 

Mason’s takes it a step further and each pair is custom made and ordered to your specifications, they are even WBC (World Box Council) approved and certified as official fighting gloves. Become a part of the movement and follow Donato to see what is coming next on the luxury side of boxing and how the fashion world is looking to the boxing world as inspirations for its new lines.

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