Suzette Faith Foster, motivational speaker and author, is featured in “I Hope You Dance,” Hallmark’s feature film airing Thanksgiving Day

Suzette Faith Foster, Founder of Choose2Thrive, a personal and spiritual transformational coaching and holistic healing company, is featured in this month’s Hallmark Movie & Mysteries Thanksgiving Global Premier.

Choose2Thrive is proud to announce that Suzette Faith Foster’s miraculous story is featured in the new HALLMARK MOVIE & MYSTERIES, at 9 pm EST/PST 8 pm CST, Thanksgiving Day, 2015. “I Hope You Dance: The Power and Spirit of Song” is a poignant, powerful, inspirational film about hope, faith and optimism and the power of music to inspire and heal.

I Hope You Dance weaves together stories of how Lee Ann Womack’s #1 hit song “I Hope You Dance” has inspired people to heal from debilitating conditions, to live the life of their dreams, to surmount obstacles, and to keep going even when faced with extreme challenges.

In 2005, in a mountain biking incident, Foster sustained the same kind of severe spinal cord injury as the late Christopher Reeve. Both were instantly paralyzed and stopped breathing. Reeve, at a horsemanship event, received immediate medical attention. Foster did not. EMS arrived seventeen minutes after the accident in the woods. Foster’s doctor, director of spinal surgery at Duke Medical Hospital, shares this reflection “She should have been dead at the scene. Most people in this condition immediately die because they stop breathing; the few who don’t stop breathing remain quadriplegics.” Foster leveraged faith and called forth innate personal power and knowing. She shares, “At the moment I stopped breathing, I thought, ‘I refuse to accept this limitation! God is my Source.’ Instantly, I felt a lightning bolt of energy shoot through me. Seconds later I regained my breath.”

Foster defied the doctors’ prognosis, first being released from the ICU unit in two days instead of the expected seven to ten, leaving the hospital in one week, and healing in the first place … and in record time. Such rapid and extraordinary results surpassed all medical expectations

Within several months, Foster was fully functioning and able to again enjoy biking, hiking, yoga, and especially dancing. The song “I Hope You Dance” inspired Foster’s healing with lyrics: “Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance… I hope you dance.”

Now, Suzette Foster, owner of Choose2Thrive, is a sought after author, speaker, and healer, and a living example of the phenomenal healing capacity of mind, body, and spirit. The acclaimed book, Calling Back Your Power: Your Catalyst to Personal and Spiritual Transformation is the story of personal journeys of both discovery and recovery and is available now on Amazon. By refusing to allow any limitations, Foster used quantum physics and spiritual principles, now shared through the book, to heal. Those who work with Foster become empowered to redefine beliefs about what is possible and develop a renewed desire to create an easier, happier, and healthier life.

I Hope You Dance: The Power and Spirit of Song” premieres on HALLMARK MOVIE & MYSTERIES, at 9 pm EST, Thanksgiving Day, 2015.

About Choose2Thrive and Suzette Faith Foster

Choose 2 Thrive is a holistic wellness and transformational coaching company specializing in helping folks along their healing journey to return to emotional and physical health.  Suzette Faith Foster guides program participants and clients to address the root cause of their life and health problems. When the root cause is sufficiently healed, the symptoms disappear, no matter their severity.

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