COP21 Innovation Jam: Transforming the Future of Energy

PARIS, FRANCE – 25 Nov, 2015 – COP21 is upon us. Now, more than ever, the world needs to focus on the disruptive solutions that will make climate goals a reality. That’s why Student Energy and Imaginea Energy are teaming up to produce the world’s first COP21 Innovation Jam on December 5th, 2015 in the center of Paris. 

The Innovation Jam provides a unique setting that brings the world’s top sustainability thinkers and passionate students from around the globe together, collaborating on big ideas and creating solutions that will transform the future of energy.  

“The brightest minds working on climate and energy, and the world’s most driven youth will convene in Paris for COP21. It’s time to harness that collective brainpower, to create the solutions we need to achieve a future where the environment and the economy thrive,” says Meredith Adler, Executive Director of Student Energy. 

“Imaginea is a Canadian Oil and Gas Company that wants to transform the energy industry into a force for good,” says Suzanne West, CEO of Imaginea Energy. “We know we have a lot of problems to solve, and we don’t have all the answers… so we need to reach out and work together!”

Student Energy and Imaginea Energy are working in partnership because they share a vision to make collaboration, innovation and transformation a way of life in the energy sector. The Innovation Jam will unite diverse groups of people from around the world to help find innovations that will disrupt an industry in desperate need of change. 


Student Energy  is a global non-profit that is creating a movement of young leaders committed to transitioning the world to a sustainable energy future. We empower the youth who are the leaders of 2050, and have a network of 40,000 youth in over 100 countries. 

Imaginea Energy – We’re a Canadian Oil and Gas company that wants to transform the energy industry into a force for good. Not because of regulation, or a sense of obligation, but because we genuinely want to. It’s the right thing to do. And it’s the smart thing to do. 

We believe in the magic of and. For us, and is a mindset. The space between the extremes – where many more solutions are found that serve more than one objective or perspective. We know there are answers to the world’s toughest questions and biggest challenges but we have to want to find them. And we won’t find them in old polarized debates. We’ll find them in collaboration, ingenuity and innovation. 

Our Vision: 

We want the same thing you want. 

An energy industry that’s better for the planet, and for people and for profits. 

Let’s work together. Because we includes you.

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