Bubble Cap, a pocket-sized carbonator enables users to make their favorite sparkling sodas and drinks.

With the possibility of using it with used PET and soft drink bottles, the Bubble Cap is a versatile and portable product that enables users to create delicious soda concoctions at any given time and place. It is perfect for use by anyone across the globe and is 80 times smaller than the traditional ones available in markets.

The Bubble Cap is a home carbonator that has been created for use on plastic soft drink bottles on which it can be fit. This makes them an eco friendly home carbonator option for creating innovative soda flavors and sparkling water. Besides, they are about 80 times smaller in size in comparison with their traditional counterparts.

Home carbonation helps massively reduce any kind of plastic waste. This is because it can help make sodas from any kind of liquid right within the comfort on one’s home. Not just that, one also need not purchase additional plastic equipment to make sodas as Bubble Cap fits seamlessly onto used PET bottles. The product is made in Finland and from high quality materials, which makes it durable and sturdy. This helps it last a lot longer.

Using the Bubble Cap is straightforward and easy. All one is required to do is fill their PET bottle with water and fix the bubble cap onto it. The CO2 is then added using a lever motion and the bottle is given a good shake. Once poured into the glass, the soda can be enjoyed.

Traditional home carbonators are rigid and can be made only in containers and CO2 cartridges that they come with. Bubble Cap on the other hand, has been designed to fit any used soft drink bottle. Besides, it works well with any CO2 source with suitable different adapters.

Bubble Cap is the result of experiments that started in 2011. It led to the invention of the world’s smallest home carbonator.

Media Contact:
Name: Janne Alasaarela
Email ID: janne.alasaarela@bubblecap.fi
Phone Number: +358 40 67 27 207
Website – http://igg.me/at/bubblecap


Media Contact
Company Name: Bubble Cap
Contact Person: Janne Alasaarela
Email: janne.alasaarela@bubblecap.fi
Phone: +358 40 67 27 207
City: Merikarvia
Country: Finland
Website: http://igg.me/at/bubblecap