Writer Of New U.S. Constitution, Valentine, The Fourth Democratic Candidate Blocked In Iowa By Democratic Party Elite

Valentine, the writer of a new US Constitution touted as the GRAND BARGAIN, was snubbed at the CBS debates and by the Story County IOWA Democrats.

The writer of a new US Constitution has three states now to his growing ballot tally for the Democratic primary, but claims he is being drummed out of speaking engagements by elite party members loyal to Clinton. “Hillary is obviously scared of someone with real solutions who is not also not beholden to Wall Street.” CBS blocked his appearance in the IOWA debate and even prevented him from entering the SPIN ROOM where the press had gathered to interview Presidential candidates. The next day at a barbecue in Story County IOWA, he was told he would be last to speak, after Hillary, O’Malley and a stand in for Bernie; but instead of announcing him, the MC asked folks to help fold up chairs.

Valentine stormed out leaving pages of his constitution on the ground behind him. “Everybody in the audience was interested and wanted to hear me speak. They were all very supportive before the event. But the lady running the show lied to me about being able to speak last. Hillary went first, so it’s opposite of a concert. But it’s not the Iowans; they loved me. And I loved them. It’s the party elite. The last thing Hillary wants is another dark horse to steal “her presidency” from her.”

Democratic Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has also snubbed Valentine and his staff, refusing to return any of their numerous emails and phone calls. “Debbie is a huge Hillary supporter and obviously wants to clear out the competition for her. I call her “The Lawnmower”. She saw me in Iowa before the CBS debate and ran into the spin room where she knew I was not welcome. Whose call was that by the way, Debbie’s or Leslie’s? The kicker is that she is my Congresswoman.”

The political philosopher and philanthropist has taken much of his life to write an entirely new constitution consisting of 9 articles in 27 pages leaving 90% of our current Constitution and Amendments intact. His single bank and single tax provision simplifies the tax code and eliminates both property and income tax.

Touted as the Grand Bargain for Democrats on the left, Republicans on the right and the disenchanted electorate in the middle, all sides give as well as take in the deal. Commenting on the deal Valentine says: “This is the grand bargain Congress has been looking for. My constitution solves our problems decisively.” 

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About Valentine 

Valentine is the first and only American in over 200 years to write a new Constitution for The United States of America. Leaving 90% of our current constitution intact, he simplifies that document and its amendments, then ads provisions to account for our huge current government in what amounts to a full reorganization and a full reworking of much of our Federal and State governments, in essence rewriting the latter as well. He devoted a huge part of his life and most of his small fortune to what he claims is “a host of real world solutions amounting to the GRAND BARGAIN”, and calling on the electorate to presage the legislatures to adopt his Constitution and “make the compromises our elected officials are incapable of” to end the stalemate between the two parties, and “get back to solving problems”.

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