Junk Happens Is Doing Its Part to Preserve The Environment

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Junk Happens, the leading junk removal company is now doing its part to preserve the environment by offering 100% eco-friendly junk removal services in and around Minneapolis.

Eagan, Minnesota – November 26, 2015 – Everyone knows that recycling is far better for the environment than just dumping everything into a dumpster and sending it to the landfill, but people don’t have the resources to recycle their unwanted junk. Instead of hauling away all the junk for landfill, Junk Happens, a 100% eco-friendly junk and trash Removal Company in Minneapolis is now taking a green approach in executing its junk removal job.

Commenting on their decision to preserve the environment, the spokesperson from Junk Happens stated, “We wanted to be a junk removal company with difference. We didn’t just want to remove junk from the properties; we wanted our process to make a valuable contribution to the environment and society. Therefore, we decided that recycling is the ideal way to achieve this.”

Leading junk removal company in MN, Junk Happens does all the loading and cleanup. They are equipped with several heavy-duty dump trucks to take care of any construction debris job: big or small.

The spokesperson also added, “Junk Happens comes to your home and removes all your junk at a low price GUARANTEED. Once you decide what is junk, Junk Happens starts removing it immediately. We’ll even clean up after we’re done!”

Leading the pack in eco-friendly practices, Junk Happens is committed to delivering a pleasant hassle free experience for junk and rubbish removal for its clients. It also offers a same day service. 100% of items collected by Junk Happens are recycled, reused, or turned into energy for electricity. With Junk Happens, the junk will not take up space in landfills!! That’s a commitment that Junk Happens has made as a locally owned and operated company.

While asking about their level of service, Dave Kocemba, the founder of Junk Happens added, “Our business is not a franchise that has additional fees to pay to the home office. We keep our costs low and pass on the savings to our customers. You can check out what people have to say about our work on our Customer Reviews page or visit our listing on Angie’s List where people leave comments all the time about how much they appreciated the care we took when removing items from their home and the fact that we sweep up behind ourselves before leaving.”

He also added, “We handle both residential and commercial junk removal with the same care and efficiency. Give us a call or schedule a visit online and save $10.00. We’d love to make a new friend and provide a service for you.”

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Junk Happens, the premier junk removal company offers 100% eco-friendly junk removal services and foreclosure clean-ups to residential and commercial customers in and around Minneapolis.

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