NZVAPOR Publishes New Guide to the Top Five Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking has published a new guide using the latest scientific studies to sum up five of the biggest advantages smokers experience when they take up vaping over traditional combustible cigarettes.

Vaping has become ever more popular in the smoking community, yet despite this many traditional smokers don’t seem to understand the appeal. NZVAPOR creates and sells a range of e-liquids and electronic cigarettes specifically for the New Zealand market, and has done so very successfully because they understand the advantages explicitly. Now, they are sharing that knowledge with the general public in a new guide, which features no less than five benefits vaping provides compared to smoking.

The new editorial cites health research that has demonstrated the low tar, water based e-liquids used in vaping in fact deliver a cleaner experience that has been designated low risk by governing bodies throughout America and Europe, and this is just the beginning. The article also explores aesthetics, convenience, and the range of flavors available. Perhaps the most telling however is the linked report showing possible evidence of users reduction on dependence compared to users of tobacco cigarettes.

Taken together, these five reasons present a compelling argument for individuals to switch, and with Christmas coming, NZVAPOR has created starter kits that contain everything people need to give the devices a try and see for themselves. 

Managing Director of NZVAPOR, QJ Satchell explained, “NZVAPOR is the only company who manufactures and legally retails nicotine based e-liquids with a sole focus on the NZ market. We comply with the New Zealand regulatory standards, offering the best experience to users. We offer a no hassle, fast delivery service. Our starter kits contain battery packs, tanks, e-liquids and chargers – all the gear necessary to start vaping. We even have a range of mods for those who are serious about vaping. This new article has been designed to help those who are still unsure about making the transition, and to back it up we even offer a 30 day money back guarantee.”


NZVAPOR manufactures and supplies premium e-cigarette and e-juice to the NZ vaping market. NZVAPOR is the only business that manufactures and supplies nicotine solely to the NZ market, while maintaining full compliance with all NZ laws ensuring a seamless customer experience and maximum satisfaction guaranteed.

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