Micro Energy Solutions Ltd introduces Electric Infrared Heaters for Various Applications

Micro Energy Solutions Ltd specializes in the design and development of Electric Infrared Heaters that can be used in an energy efficient way of heating at house, warehouse, office, hospital and more.

The winter is coming and it says this winter of UK will be the coldest within 64 years. People start looking for high performing but energy saving heaters to be installed in homes, offices and other places. For all concerned citizens around the world, MES introduces Electric Wall Heaters that could be the source of healthy and eco-friendly heating at cost saving prices.

The company spokesperson reveals that the Electric Infrared Heaters is available in different shapes and designs to be installed in a built space to enhance its aesthetic value. Backed by an innovative technology and an original design, the infrared heating panels can be installed for a healthier and warm home environment. The elegant glass infrared panels offer a flexible way to feel the warmth while enhancing the beauty of the home décor at the same time. Available in different shapes and sizes, one can use these heating panels for customized painting frames as well.

According to the spokesperson, whilst suitable for different applications, the Electric Infrared Heaters are becoming more popular in hotel for their healthy way of heating. The IR Heater can create a healthy and hygienic warm environment with several real benefits, better than air conditioner and others. Besides these benefits, the heating system brings down the cost of heating and makes people feel comfortable in the office, working happy.

Electric Infrared Heaters

The company has several types of cutting-edge heating systems and the Picture Heating Panel is one of the products that have great demands for its customization features. They can print a high quality picture on the heating panels. Select from their image range or offer your lovely picture, your artworks, children’s graffiti, wedding pictures, etc., the choice is yours.

With their range of infrared heating panels, MES brings a cost-effective and adorable way of creating a warm and healthy environment.

To learn more about the heating systems they have, one may visit the website http://www.microenergysolution.co.uk

Micro Energy Solutions Ltd

MES offers a range of Electric Infrared Heaters for domestic as well as public and commercial use. The IR Heaters are sustainable, high performing and easy-to-use products. The company also designs custom infrared heating systems as per the requirements of the clients.

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