“Quite Variable Weather in One Mountain” The Most Beautiful Hailuo Valley is Waiting for You

Hailuo Valley Resort is located at the edge of southeast Qinghai-Tibet plateau and central-south of the Snowy Mountain with an accurate geographic position between 29°20’N and 30°20’N, 101°30’ and 102°15’E. The resort covers an area of 906.13 square kilometers and residents are from 13 ethnic groups, such as Han, Yi, Bai, Tibetans and Mongol.

Hailuo Valley Resort 

Hailuo Valley Resort consists of six scenic zones, namely, Hailuo Valley, Yanzi Valley, Mozi Valley, Nanmenguan Valley, Yajia Ridge and Moxi Highland. They are the breath-taking scenery of the Gongga Mountain and an amazing gateway to Shambhala. In 2009, at the Boao Forum for Asia International Convention co-hosted by UN non-government organizations – the World Harmony Fund and International Tourism Marketing Association and other institutes, Hailuo Valley Resort won recognitions from 18 countries, 62 Chinese tourism organizations and over 20 domestic and foreign medias as the “International Leading Tourist Destination” for its unique tourism resources and excellent international image.

Hailuo Valley boasts scenery characterized by marine glacial of the low elevations area, ancient remnants of glaciation, well-preserved virgin forest, abundant plant and animal resources, complex and diversified geomorphic types and typical transitional climate. No wonder it is dubbed a shelter for animals and plants in the fourth glacial period in botany and animal world. The dense virgin forest here releases a large number of beneficial negative oxygen into the atmosphere with a content of 100,000 to 1,000,000 per cubic centimeter, about 2000 times that in Chengdu city, making Hailuo Valley known as a natural oxygen bar. In this scenic spot, you will experience four seasons in a day and charmed by ever-amazing weathers and sceneries.

Hailuo Valley Resort

Glacier is the highlight of Hailuo Valley Resort with a lowest altitude of only 2,850 meters. A huge 6-kilometer glacier extends through the virgin forest, creating one of the world’s rare nature wonders, combining both the glacier and the virgin forest. Hence, the No.1 Glacier in Hailuo Valley Resort earned the reputation of “Glacier in the Green Sea”. The magnificent Icefall in Hailuo Valley Resort is 1,100 meters in width and 1,080 meters in height, as beautiful as a static painting. When sunshine penetrates through the sky, and the snow-covered peaks gradually turn from light grey into peach pink, then into golden yellow, and finally turn white, forming the most renowned natural wonder of “A Golden Mountain in Sunshine”.

Hot spring in Hailuo Valley Resort

Hot spring in Hailuo Valley Resort enjoys a world’s reputation. “Gongga Hot Spring”, which is known as “one of the top ten hot springs in China”, is the biggest single hot spring in this resort, and the daily amount of flow reaches more than 8,900 tons. The temperature of spring at the delivery port is up to 92 centigrade which would boil eggs, and thus the spring is also called “boiling spring”. The straight distance between the hot spring and the glacier is only 1.8 kilometers, making the co-existence of hot spring and glacier and posts an unresolved mystery in the science circles. Hot spring in Hailuo Valley Resort is hidden amidst virgin forest and embraces the snow mountain and glacier and therefore keeps warmness throughout four seasons. Either in the blossoming spring, or the misty summer, or the maple-flowing autumn or the snowy winter, the hot spring can always gives you a distinguished comfort and pleasure.

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