Follixin Hair Launches To Offer Hair Loss Prevention Advice For Portuguese Speakers

Follixin Hair is a new online resource center designed to give people actionable advice on what they can do to prevent and even reverse hair loss, graying and thinning hair using the latest products.

Hair is in many ways a vestige of our evolutionary heritage, and yet it plays and important part in our attractiveness to other people and as such, our confidence in ourselves. Male pattern baldness is a genetic inheritance of as much as 70% of the population, with differing levels of severity. For those lucky enough to escape that, premature graying hair is also possible. Many men seek ways to manage or even overcome these unwanted transitions, and Follixin Hair is a new website dedicated to helping Portuguese speakers achieve that goal. 

The website includes editorials on the latest methods for reversing hair loss, including the necessary steps every individual should take before considering one, including consulting medical professional’s not just hairdressers, and keeping an open mind to other approaches those experts may suggest.

The site also gives information on how to prevent hair loss from the eyebrows, which can arise as a result of malnutrition and lacking specific vitamins and minerals, as well as being as a result of stress or skin conditions. 

There is further information on the genetic and health factors involved in both hair loss and graying hair, together with proactive approaches people can take without having to result to surgery, including supplements, thickening shampoos and more. 

A spokesperson for Follixin Hair explained, “Follixin Hair is a new and invaluable resource for anyone looking for a way to mitigate or reverse the effects of graying and hair loss in men. The website provides well researched resources that explore the alternatives available, from medical procedures to supplements and simple dietary advice that will help people reduce hair loss and eliminate the visible signs of balding. The website is just getting started, so individuals should check in regularly for updates.”

About Follixin Hair:

Follixin Hair is an online resource center dedicated to exploring hair related issues including hair loss, greying hair, hair transplants and more, enabling individuals to get to grips with their changing appearance and take action. The site regularly reviews hair related products including supplements, creams, shampoos and more in order to offer actionable consumer advice.

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Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.


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