PoshPublic Aligns Art and Fashion with Charity to Create a New Format for Collaboration — Yoga Style

Crowdfunding Ground Zero, Planet Earth – November 26, 2015 – The Innovators at PoshPublic are determined to bring creative and caring people together to harness their collective talents. They aim to help the unfortunate, to boost the careers of artists and to make sure people look great while they do it.

This unique crowdfunding platform forms triangular, synergistic alliances between three separate parties who would otherwise be unlikely partners. The resulting synergy allows artists to crowdfund their work while building awareness for charities through the medium of quality, handcrafted items of clothing.

PoshPublic’s newest campaign features the work of three distinct artists presented on yoga pants. A big percentage of the sale of these artistic and stretchy garments then goes to benefit a charity of the individual artist’s choice. The American Cancer Society (ACS), the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (NMCF), and Friends of the Orphans Canada (FOC) are about to be touched by the works of Gabriel Gault, Jabu and Amanda Morie.

Son of the NFL and the ACS

While Gabe is the son of former NFL wide receiver Willie Gault, he is a star in his own right. Gabe creates interesting and unique contemporary art using celebrity figures and pop culture icons. His skill and intuitive artistic talent lend themselves into depicting these images in ways never seen before. His impressive mastery of traditional media in a digital age is refreshing and inspiring. You can look at his artwork on his website at gabegault.com or follow him on Instagram @gabegault. PoshPublic has made this artwork accessible to you while benefiting a fantastic cause ACS, who for over 100 years, has led the fight against cancer through education, support, and fundraising. LA regional ACS chair and breast cancer survivor Cynthia Vant Hul attests: “Uniting with others gives us the power to make a real difference in the fight to end breast cancer.”

The Transformer and the NMCF

The artist Jabu describes his work as “Transformative Art” and the man’s work achieves exactly that. The South African native who lived through the Apartheid era brings happiness and color into what can often be an unfriendly world. His images will be splayed across sets of tensile yoga trousers as the wearers become nimble and healthy. Proceeds will benefit one of the legacies of Jabu’s fellow countryman Nelson Mandela. The NMCF was founded in 1995 and is “changing the way society treats its children and youth” by working with partners throughout South Africa.

Abstract Acrylics and the FOC

Multi Media painter Amanda Morie creates dazzling displays of color and design that have earned her widespread popularity and international recognition. Her detailed swathes of texture and color will decorate sets of flexible yoga slacks that are sure to make workouts dynamic and vibrant. Proceeds will benefit FOC, who provides direct financial assistance for children in developing countries including Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras and more.

Witness PoshPublic’s confluence of art and fashion as they combine strengths of two mediums to reach out to charities that make a difference in the world’s community.

About PoshPublic:
PoshPublic is a platform that allows artists to turn art into fashion with no upfront cost and no risk. Each campaign is a collaboration between an artist and a nonprofit aiming towards a common goal in making a difference and building better communities. Once the campaign is completed, PoshPublic will produce, fulfill and ship. The artist and the nonprofit will have profit to keep. Our nonprofit focus: health, education, poverty and equality. For more information, please visit http://PoshPublic.com.

PoshPublic Contact: email: socialgood@poshpublic.com

About The American Cancer Society:
The American Cancer Society is a global grassroots force of 2.5 million volunteers saving lives and fighting for every birthday threatened by every cancer in every community. As the largest voluntary health organization, the Society’s efforts have contributed to a 22 percent decline in cancer death rates in the US during the past two decades and a 50 percent drop in smoking rates. Thanks in part to our progress nearly 14.5 million Americans who have had cancer and countless more who have avoided it will celebrate more birthdays this year. We’re determined to finish the fight against cancer. As the nation’s largest private, not-for-profit investor in cancer research, we’re finding cures and ensuring people facing cancer have the help they need and continuing the fight for access to quality health care, lifesaving screenings, clean air, and more. For more information, to get help, or to join the fight, visit cancer.org.

American Cancer Society Contact

Kristina Martel

Communications Manager, Division Communications, American Cancer Society, Inc.

3333 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 900

Los Angeles, CA 90010

Phone: 213.427.7398 | Fax: 213.736.5278 | cancer.org | 1.800.227.2345

About The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund:

The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund was established by Mr. Mandela in 1995 to address the way children are treated and cared for in South Africa. In 2005, the Fund started to explore the status of pediatric care in the country. The Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital were able to begin construction in 2014 and has a projected open date at the end of 2016 thanks to various key partners and generous donors.

The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund Contact

Mary Tiseo

Executive Director

89 South Street, Suite 701, Boston, MA 02111

T: 1.617.443.1072 | Fax: 1.617.443.1076 | mtiseo@sapartners.org | www.sapartners.org

About The Friends of Orphans Canada:
The Friends of Orphans Canada facilitate sponsorships which provide direct financial assistance to the orphanage and enhance the children’s lives with a loving connection outside the orphanage.

Friends of the Orphans Canada Contact

392 Silvercreek Parkway North Suite #3, Guelph ON, N1H 1E7

Toll free: 1-844-393-FOTO (3686) | Telephone: 519-763-9560 | Fax: 519-763-8306 | info@fotocan.org

Media Contact
Company Name: PoshPublic
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