Missdressshop Welcomes Thanksgiving Day with Great Discounts on Collection of Prom Dresses UK

Thanksgiving comes and Black Friday approaches with it. To celebrate Thanksgiving Day with its customers, Missdressshop plans a unique activity. Two collections, prom dresses UK and cheap wedding dresses, will be sold at the lowest price that they have ever been.

Although Thanksgiving is not a national holiday in the UK, many people still show their passion for it. Missdressshop is one of them who is willing to celebrate the festival with its customers. Missdressshop uses a very different way to thank everything, especially the support from its customer.

Usually Missdressshop just do flash sale or give great discounts on its products. But this time Missdressshop takes new methods to show its attitude. It is in fact a combination. In other words, people can choose 2 ways to get their favourite dresses. The first choice is to wait in front of the computer and take an order after the clock strikes 12 times to get it at great discounts. But sometimes some people are not that lucky because of the speed of access to the network and some other limitations. So Missdressshop find out a new solution for these people.

The new method is “AB”, standing for advance booking. People can book their desirable dresses at low prices in advance before the Thanksgiving Day (Step one) and get the dresses after paying all the money (Step two). The order form will come out after the accomplishment of Step one. Then the customers can pay anytime on Thanksgiving Day. However, if one forgets to pay, the money will not return. The order will cancel automatically. So it means, people can place the order whenever they like before Thanksgiving, but the order must be completed on Thanksgiving.

Then how big or small will the discounts be? Are the discounts just for one or two dresses? And are there just limited amounts?

The collection of Prom Dresses UK and Cheap Wedding Dresses are made 50 percent off. As known to all, all the dresses from Missdressshop are already 50 percent of the original prices, or even about 70 percent like this wedding dress #00020373. Besides that, the money paid in the step one becomes 1.5 times as its worth. For example. One dress is £200. On Thanksgiving Day, it will be sold at £ 100. And if people choose the AB payment, they need to pay one tenth of the price which is £ 10. And £ 10 will equal £ 15. So people just need to pay the remaining £85 to get the dress. People who choose this method can surely get the dress at that the lowest price, £95 while others who chooses to pay full £100 at 0 am that day may fail to get what they want. But these people who choose to pay in full on Thanksgiving Day may win the chance of getting the dress for free. One order for free per hour. So totally 24 people can get their dresses for free.

So which payment is better? Pay full? Or book in advance?

Missdressshop says that people will get little cute stuff in their package, maybe coupons, pendants and hairpins. These little gifts will be connected to Thanksgiving, so they will be made like turkey, pumpkin pie or other things. Now ready to enjoy the Thanksgiving Day with Missdressshop?

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