Combining the Spirit with a New Concept of Mobility–Airwheel F3 Self-Balancing electric skateboard

With a new concept of mobility in the transportation, Airwheel Technology has created the new era for electric self-balancing scooters like Airwheel F3 orbit electric unicycle. It’s an innovation in one-wheeler electronic world.

Vehicle technology is gradually spreading its wings with the passage of time. Most old technologies are replaced owing to the emergence of a new yet better one. Hence, the advanced and adaptable technology is doomed to succeed the old and obsolete one. One of good examples can be electric skateboards from Airwheel Technology. The tech company is one of the widely recognized manufacturers in global intelligent transport industry. Airwheel moves forward with consistent upgrades of its customer-oriented design with a new concept of mobility. Then Airwheel F3 orbit electric unicycle with innovative design debuts in the one-wheeler world.

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Airwheel F3 with the hubless design annular electric scooter is lighter, more portable and space-saving. Because of the annular body and the concealed handle at the top part, F3 is easy to carry. When the rider doesn’t want to ride the orbit electric unicycle, he can just pull out the concealed handle to take it. It’s so humanized to offer more convenience to the life. Either side of the bodywork, there are two red rubber cushions aiming to ease friction during the ride. The red accent makes the unicycle conspicuous, which sets fire to rider’s passion to rein it. Then two foot rests are unmovable close to the hollow structure.

The innovative annular body is coated with a transparent shell made of PC & ABS composite materials with heat resistance, water-proof, and impact resistance. Hence, rider may rest assured when riding it on the crowded pavements. At the back of F3, two taillights are build-in ending part of the pedals. That ensures rider a safe ride in the evening. By the way the surface of footboard is made from matting materials with great skid resistance. It’s safe without hidden danger, and can improve the operation. 

Combining humanized spirit with a new concept of mobility in the field of transportation, Airwheel successfully creates a new era with its representative work, Airwheel F3 annular electric scooter in the one-wheeler world.

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