Voice of the Campus about Airwheel Self-balancing electric skateboards

This must be useful for most students who wanna have a fantastic personal transporter in the campus. The following reviews from some real users can advise you when you want to buy a scooter branded Airwheel.

If you keep awake when walking around the campus, you can see a new form of transportation. Whether it would be IO Hawks, OXboard or Airwheel or hundreds of others, the two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter has officially taken over as the latest trend in transportation filed. Countless celebrities have rocked them on Instagram and Twitter. And Jamie Foxx rode one onto the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Meanwhile, it’s especially popular among athletes, originating with Cleveland Cavaliers sharpshooter J.R. smith. During this year’s NBA Finals, Smith rolled into Quicken Loans Arena for Game 4 on a scooter and caught the entire Internet’s attention.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/efK2xJFuve8

At LSU, student-athletes are spotted riding electric skateboards around Quad, near the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes and other campus spots. However, many non-athletes have them too, although the price tag is hefty $1,500. But, scooters from Airwheel are available for most students so that they are willing to spend. Biology freshman Deon Denson said purchasing one is worth it. 

“I ride it almost every day. It’s really fun,” Denson said. He saw people riding them around campus and on YouTube and thought it looked enjoyable, so he decided to buy one for $300. It may look like fun, Denson said, but it takes plenty of practice to become savvy with a self-balancing electric scooter. Denson is now a whiz with his scooter, able to speedily spin around in circles and roam over campus with ease.


Onlookers stop and stare as they watch his impressive moves. “You just manipulate your feet, putting more force on one foot to turn in different directions,” Denson said. “When you open the manual, it teaches you to lean your body forward to go forward and backward to go backward.” Though he does use it for transportation, Denson said he mostly uses his self-balancing electric scooter for entertainment. “I do get it from class to class using it, but I mostly just ride around campus trying to see how I can get better at it,” Denson said. “I can try and stand on one foot using it now.”

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