A comparison between Airwheel S6 and A3 Self-balancing electric air board

Airwheel S6 saddle equipped electric scooter reminds Airwheel riders of another type of Airwheel scooter Airwheel A3 that supports sitting-posture riding-. Actually, Airwheel S6 and A3 are different except for the humanized design and more comfort during riding , especially for long-distance travels.

Both Airwheel S6 and A3 electric scooters are superstars in Airwheel scooters family. Airwheel S6 saddle equipped self-balancing scooter resembles with Airwheel A3 two-wheeled electric scooter in aspect of sitting-posture riding, and also differentiates from Airwheel A3 electric scooter in many aspects. Both Airwheel S6 and A3 scooters are masterpieces in Airwheel scooter series.

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In terms of similarities, Airwheel S6 electric air board resembles Airwheel A3 in terms of sitting-posture riding. A3 is the first type of Airwheel scooter that only supports sitting-posture riding, and Airwheel S6 saddle equipped self-balancing scooter inherits the sitting-posture design, providing riding comfort with more humanized and optimized design. Moreover, both Airwheel A3 and S6 are designed according to ergonomic in order to realize riding comforts, and the two-sitting-posture scooters are able to satisfy the needs of long-distance travels. 

In spite of the similar sitting-posture riding design style, Airwheel S6 two-wheeled self-balancing scooter also differentiates A3 in many aspects. First, Airwheel S6 min self-balancing scooter is smaller and more exquisite in design style compared with Airwheel A3 self-balancing scooter. The wheels of Airwheel S6 is much smaller than that of Airwheel A3, which makes Airwheel S6 tiny and flexible. Besides, Airwheel S6 and A3 have different design styles, and riders will have very different riding experiences with S6 and A3.


When riding with Airwheel A3, riders keep sitting posture all the way and control the direction by the handlebar, and this riding pose shares some resemblances with traditional scooter riding. Comparatively, riders can shift between two riding postures when riding with Airwheel S6 saddle equipped electric scooter, and riders can let two hands free from the handlebar and control the direction of the scooter by physical movements. Anyway, these are completely different riding experience with Airwheel S6 and A3 electric motor. 

Anyway, both Airwheel S6 and A3 electric self-balancing scooters are innovations and masterpieces in Airwheel scooter series. The two sitting-posture scooters bring more fun and convenience to riders, making riding more comfortable, relaxing and labor-saving. 

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