SEI Club Releases One Million Dollar “Free Pass” For Men

SEI Club, a private, members only dating and matchmaking club releases an unlimited dating option or  a “free pass” for men.

NEW YORK, NY – 11/27/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Imagine being able to meet and date some of the most beautiful women in the world. Well, at SEI Club, those are the only women they accept as members. Not only must the women who apply be beautiful physically, they must also be accomplished, and have a beautiful mind and spirit as well.

Known among a select group of people as the most elite dating club in the world, SEI Club doesn’t just accept a woman because she is beautiful, the club also screens all applicants for deeper values, morals and a person’s perspective on life and the world as a whole.   The result is a nearly endless cornucopia of outstanding dating prospects for successful men.

While SEI Club members have always had great dating experiences, as evidenced by the SEIClub reviews found on the club’s site, all memberships had some sort of cap on the number of matches… until now.

Now, the esteemed gentleman globetrotter who wants to ultimately settle down… but intends to do so carefully, and enjoy healthy dating along the way, can freely meet and date any of the world’s most exquisite, accomplished women at his own pace, without limit in terms of number, location, or anything else for that matter.

In the case of SEI Club’s unlimited membership, the only limit is one’s desire to hunt, pursue, and explore relationships. And some of the world’s most successful gentlemen are known to have a healthy appetite… especially when it comes to life’s greatest luxuries. Indeed, a romantic, meaningful relationship with an outstanding person who is exceptional in every way is, many would argue, the greatest luxury of all.

But how many women can a man  really date? Says an SEI Club spokesperson, “The unlimited dating option isn’t just about meeting serious potential matches in unlimited numbers (though some men do prefer that). It also allows gentlemen members to freely explore key relationships with serious potential partners at their own pace. They do not have to consider their membership expiring and so forth. We are here for them anytime as needed. And if a relationship doesn’t last forever, they have a free pass to come join the fun anytime that suits them. It’s more than a membership, it’s literally a free pass to the best of the best in terms of current singles.”

While most of us wouldn’t even consider dropping a million dollars on a dating club, some of the club’s members find this to be the easier, more convenient option. It removes any and all membership limitations and they have a consistently updated cornucopia of earth-shattering beauties at the drop of a hat.

You’re a free pass member and need a date tomorrow? No problem. They have you covered. And to top it off, the woman is so amazing, and properly matched, that you might just fall in love with her forever. Who says money doesn’t come with perks?

For all its attention to the million dollar members, don’t be fooled. SEI Club also caters to professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers… membership for male participation begin at $1,200 USD and go into the hundreds of thousands. They seem to have a suitable options for anyone who has achieved a degree of success in life.

Says a spokesperson, “We’re here to help make as many people as happy as we can. Our goal is to make life more peaceful, balanced, beautiful and meaningful. So we offer excellent options tailored to each member’s particular needs… the free pass membership was created in response to those needs.”

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