Take Leave without Delay for a Journey with Airwheel Z3

With Airwheel Z3 2-wheeled electric scooter in your journey, it will undoubtedly be a smart choice. How to alleviate your fatigue and make your travelling more fantastic? Let intelligent electric scooter Z3 help you to take leave without delay for a journey with its attractive characteristics.

Nowadays, people can choose the connection of car and scooter for a journey. It is fair to say that when you arrive at the destination, riding Airwheel Z3 2-wheel electric scooter will help you save more energy when you go around. You can ride it when you feel tried and are fed up with walk. And ease to carry of Airwheel Z3 two wheels scooter will definitely make your journey smoother. The innovative multiple-fold system makes Z3 can easily fit into any space and it only weighs 11.8 kg totally. Therefore, riders can ride in various road conditions to avoid the traffic jam due to its small size.

Airwheel Technology also leads the electric scooter into the era of intelligence. Riders can totally monitor and control the scooter anytime and anywhere in real time by smart phone app. By connecting with smart phone app, riders can easily gain the real-time location, route and all the tracks. Airwheel Z3 seems to be an intelligent traffic robot that can do a lot of things for you.

The big question when everybody goes out is the limited electricity. But for Airwheel Z3, riders will not be worried about running out of electricity since there are other full charged batteries. It is a must before your journey is to fully charge the back-up battery. Moreover it takes you just few seconds to change the battery owe to Airwheel Z3 intelligent electric scooter’s changeable battery design. Another question concerns bad weather conditions. As the battery is up-equipped in the scooter, rain will not seep through it.

In terms of safety, Airwheel Z3 has been equipped with intelligent security tail light to ensure the safety in dark environment. Customized 8 inch tyre, designed to be bumpy-patterned, enhances the grip. Foldable pedals, made from matting material, are anti-skid. Meanwhile the material of Airwheel Z3 body is magnesium alloy material so it is solid and also very gorgeous.

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