Mobissue PDF to HTML5 Converter now has Extra Advantage for Publishers

In addition to its various media rich features, Mobissue has now put together more extra advantages which are additionally facilitating for publishers. Find out!

For any customer, it is always soothing to have some extra against the cost they pay. Mobissue, the Hong Kong based IT service provider, has rightly addressed this aspect by offering extra advantage, through multiple value yielding features, in its PDF to HTML5 converter. This announcement generated excitement amongst digital publishers and prompted them to find out how best they can benefit with the surplus features.

As is well known in the digital publishing arena, Mobissue’s digital publishing software is a versatile one. Its existing characteristics are quite unique and sophisticated, and they help users to achieve the desired impression and effectiveness in their digital publications. However, the recent announcement from Mobissue has a lot of material to add to the users’ delight.

Company’s Design Head, who has been pivotal in design and development of PDF to HTML5 converter, talks about this announcement and points out which exclusive features have been brought in. “As part of extras, our first prime inclusion is a powerful Animation Editor. In this, users get vast many new characteristics to spice up animations in their publication and further, get a livelier presentation of their content. In addition, Advanced Event Editor too is a significant development in our software. With this Advanced Event Editor, publishers can add more bouncy animations in their content and also, engage users better than before. It is perfectly compatible with different mobile platforms, for laptops and desktops. After inclusion of these surplus and multi-beneficial features, our clients are enjoying extra bit of zing in their publications and are reaping optimistic outcomes from the PDF to HTML5 converter.”

Mobissue is a popular IT service provider today and holds a large purview of operation across the globe. The Hong Kong headquartered has a special recognition for its state-of-the-art digital publishing solutions.

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