JVTank Set To Launch The First Vaping Affiliate Marketing Platform

The vaping industry is becoming one of the fastest expanding industries in recent times. With more people moving away from cigarettes to Vaping, new systems need to be put into place. JVTank is set to make the Vaping industry expand even further with their new affiliate marketing platform. JVTank has completed stage 1 of 3 of the development of their new affiliate marketing platform.

The Vaping industry is worth $3 billion and has become one of the fastest expanding industries in the past five years. The industry has helped create jobs and brought money to the economy, but one company believes the industry could be expanded much faster and more jobs could be created today instead of tomorrow. JVTtank is launching a dedicated affiliate marketing platform that would allow sales to increase in the Vaping world and hence create jobs.

At the present moment, there is no dedicated affiliate marketing platform for the Vaping industry. JVTank, who is developing a platform in-house to help the industry increase sales through online marketing, is pleased to announce stage 1 of 3 of the development of their dedicated Vaping affiliate platform is now complete.

There are three stages to the development, which include: foundation, customization, and implementation. The first stage is the most critical, as it determines the direction in which future developments for JVTank will have to be built. The database-driven design will bring Vape shop owners, mod manufacturers, tank builders, and RDA enthusiasts into the 21st century. Pages will compile in real time, inside the user’s browser, which will eliminate cross-browser and cross-platform incompatibility issues. Transactions will be handled using encrypted tokens to allow people to do business safely 24/7.

Stage 1 of 3 completed – development is on schedule:

•    Database framework completed, user roles defined – 11/06/2015

•    Profile forms created & implemented – 11/11/2015

•    W9 tax form collection added – 11/16/2015

•    Server-side security features configured – 11/19/2015

•    Client-side security features configured – 11/23/2015

During the next stage, payment systems will be integrated into JVTank, and the “bells & whistles” will be deployed. Namely, the company behind the platform will focus on affiliate management aspects of the marketplace, such as affiliate requests; affiliate commission earnings payouts, joint venture contracts, and financial reporting. Two-step login authentication will be integrated. Administrative reposting functionality will be added. The UIE will be refined.

A spokesman for JVTank said: “As we move through these enormous endeavors, we will be making periodic announcements on this changelog regarding our progress.”

During the final stage, the software will be tested under lab conditions. It will be evaluated for durability, capacity to handle sudden spikes of traffic and random bursts of potentially harmful or fraudulent requests. By testing the system under critical load, JVTank admins will better understand potential vulnerabilities that must be enhanced before the public launch.

The new platform will not only help increase sales for the Vaping industry, but it’s also set to become one of the biggest online marketing success stories. Many in the affiliate industry believe JVTank could help online marketers earn serious income, and already website owners and online marketing experts are enquiring when the platform will be ready.

To learn more about JVTank, please visit https://jvtank.com/

About JVTank

JVTank is set to launch a new dedicated affiliate platform for the Vaping industry. The new platform will allow the industry to expand quicker and increase their sales. It will also allow online marketing experts and website owners to increase their sales.

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