QiDa Self Balance, Hands-Free Scooter Is a Personal Transporter That You Always Dreamt About

“Two wheels hands free self balance scooter”

I always dreamt about a transporter that I would be able to use according to my needs and which I could take anywhere I wanted to. I also wished that someone would create this dream vehicle for me which I could use hands-free and yet have full control over it. I knew that this was a pipe dream and the very dynamics of automobile engineering made all this appear very impractical and unachievable. That’s why I was more shocked than surprised when I came across this self balance scooter from Shenzhen Qida Technology Company Limited. It was like they were working hard to make my dream come true.

I am Changpu Wu and I am a dreamer. Though my name means forever simple, my thoughts are pretty complicated because I think and dream about technologies and machines that can be best described as futuristic. However, I just realized that even my high-tech dreams can come true and in the most dramatic manner, thanks to Shenzhen Qida Technology Company.

The QiDa self balance scooter is what every travel enthusiast will love to own. It’s a neat, non-hassling and intelligent scooter that is balanced and controlled by your feet. You don’t have to use your hands at all while driving this innovative scooter that has a number of jaw-dropping features which makes it all the more desirable.

The self balance scooter is fully green as it runs on lithium battery. As the scooter comes without the conventional handlebars, it is possible that you might mistake it for a skater but the QiDa scooter is much more than that. The lack of handlebars is more than compensated by the high-tech balance control system.

Don’t even try looking for the steering device because there isn’t any. You can control the scooter by applying gentle pressure from your feet and subtly maneuvering your body movements. It is amazingly simple to learn and master this self balance scooter. It took me just a few hours of practice to ride this personal transporter like a pro.

When I am riding the QiDa, self balance scooter, my excitement knows no bounds. I feel thrilled and happy when I am out on the streets with this miracle vehicle. Yes, you can ride it on any surface without hassle. I love to take it to the park and even to the supermarket. I love the attention my scooter gets when I ride it across the country lane. I am now planning to participate in a dance event and wondering whether this scooter will make a brilliant, award-winning partner.

As you must have realized, the possibilities are endless with this self balance scooter from Shenzhen QiDa. It can take a maximum load of 100 KG, runs at a peak speed of 10 Km/ph and has a maximum range of 15-20 kilometers.

All it takes is an hour or two or charging to make the scooter road-ready. It has non-pneumatic hollow tires which makes riding easy and smooth. I own a black QiDa self balance scooter but you can choose from white, blue, yellow, pink and red colors too. Its lightweight and portable. I love to carry it with me all the time. After all, this self balance, hands-free scooter is what I always wanted.

For more information, visit www.qidascooter.com

About Shenzhen QiDa Technology Co. Limited:

Shenzhen QiDa Technology Company is a reputed supplier of groundbreaking, self-balancing electric unicycle Bluetooth scooters. Their factory is located in Shenzhen city. The workshop covers are area of 1500 square meters. They design, manufacture and market their products worldwide.

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