The Kickstarter campaign of ‘Multi Functional Hoodie’ surpasses its fund raising goal

Project Shadow has launched a breathable, waterproof Hoodie which can serve more than 10 functions. The ‘Ultimate Hoodie’ was recently being launched on Kickstarter with a goal of $25000 but it already exceeded the goal with 35 days remaining to finish the campaign.

Due to its classic design and multiple functionalities the users have given the Hoodie such a great response and pre ordered the product through Kickstarter. The product is designed to be good looking, comfortable and allows keeping various things inside the pockets.

The durable jersey knit on the surface and water repellent coating on the outside ensures that the hoodie lasts much longer and keep the wearer protected in harsh weather conditions.The material used to create the Hoodie is French Terry which is completely shield-coated to make it waterproof, windproof yet breathable.

With this Hoodie, the wearer may not need to carry a heavy backpack anymore because it is equipped with various chambers and pockets to keep items such as tablet, smart phones, books, water bottles, flash lights and more. The ultimate Hoodie comes with a mesh air lined flow which allows the air flow and keeps the wearer sweat free and dry.

Another unique feature is that this Hoodie also have reflective prints to keep the user visible at night. The various features of the ‘Ultimate Hoodie’ make it suitable for outdoors, trekking, hiking and other adventures as well as to be worn while jogging when the user needs to keep their hands free.

The built on Key pocket holds the keys and other small items securely while the huge back pocket and invisible seam pocket can be used to water bottles, passports and wallets. The whistle attached in the Hoodie can be useful in case of any emergency or trouble.

The product is available in the design of Hoodie which comes in Grey and Gun Metal and the Windbreaker which comes in various colors such as Red, Silver, Black and Sky Blue. The product is available at an Early Bird price in various pledges that are running out of stock due to huge response from the backers.

View the campaign on Kickstarter.


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Company Name: Project Shadow
Contact Person: Jay Lee
Country: United States