Rod Toucher\’s long awaited Reign of the Alpha King now in print

Paperback version of the popular LGBT paranormal kindle series now being sold on Amazon.

Rod Toucher, the popular author of the Reign of the Alpha King series, has combined all of the installments and made them available in one paperback volume. For anyone who is a fan of LGBT themed books, especially that are of a paranormal nature, this is surely one to add to the collection. The story is hard hitting, gritty and fast paced.

• ISBN-10: 1519338600

• ISBN-13: 978-1519338600

The story begins with the two central characters meeting in prison. Chris, who is an Omega, is instantly attracted to the strong Alpha the moment he lays eyes on him. Little could he imagine his encounter with the strong Alpha was not by chance. In fact, it had been planned and waited for since the times of antiquity by Baal, and his fellow angels who were cast out from heaven with him.

Axel is quite the enigma, having grown up in post war Japan. He trained in the art of Ninjitsu, and served in the military Special Forces. Considered one of the most dangerous men on the planet, he had learnt many things the ordinary man would consider supernatural. Including a special incantation that would allow him and his future husband to conceive a child, if done in another dimension.

But nothing is at it seems, and once Chris is pregnant, they quickly find out their child is to be the next step in mankind’s evolutionary chain. One whom is coveted by the dark lord Baal himself. But as Axel fills with the blood rage of the pure Alpha, he throws a wrench into the fallen angel’s plans, and takes control of not only the world, but the realm of the fallen as well. And then sets his sights on heaven.

This book is fast paced, and a must read for any fan of m/m alpha/omega stories. And there is no better time to get the book for yourself, or a loved one for Christmas than now. Amazon, in a rare move on their part, is offering a special discount good through Dec 1st. For all regular books (kindle excluded), enter the promo code HOLIDAY30 at checkout to receive a 30% discount off of this must have read of the year.

The book is only available in print at this time, however to coincide with the release of the paperback version, Toucher has reduced the price of the individual pieces in the series. Watch for the first installment to be made perma free very soon.

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