A Heartfelt Christmas Gift for Parents: Airwheel S6 electric air boards

Every one including our parents wants to receive a special present on Christmas Day. People have to try hard to find a special and heartfelt for their parents. Airwheel Technology provides us a suitable gift S6, electric scooters. The new intelligent products can be parents’ personal transport and fitness equipment.

Although it is only the middle of November, it’s the best time to prepare gift since we need heaps of time to find the heartfelt gifts for our parents. As we know, Santa Claus is only present in the fairy tale world. Actually it’s our parents that hang gifts on the Christmas tree. That is to say parents play the role of Santa Claus. Therefore it’s time for us to be Santa Claus sending a heartfelt gift to them. Airwheel S6 electric hoverboard from Airwheel Technology is a suitable yet heartfelt gift. For parents, S6 can be exerted as personal transport and fitness equipment. It seems that there are no other vehicles equal to this scooter.

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An Airwheel S6 electric air board is driven by battery, rolling on two mini tires. Furthermore, S6 is fitted with a seat. This seat is not an ordinary one, suitable for any users with different heights. It turns out that its support rod under the seat is adjustable in the length.  Since it’s powered by electricity, and also comes with a seat, S6 for users is effortless and energy-saving. That just caters for parents for they are not as strong as before in the physical. And S6 is with an easy-to-use operation model. It doesn’t have an accelerator or a brake. To accelerate, decelerate or stop is totally depending on user’s body movements. Hence, S6 can be their personal transport. They can roll to park, supermarket or streets, and pay a visit to friends. Having a S6 is much easier to do these things. Maybe they will forget they’re a little aged with S6’s help.

Airwheel S6 electric air board

Like as we have mentioned that the seat is adjustable, S6 electric motor offers users two riding poses, sitting or standing to ride. It makes riding to turns less boring. Moreover, it renders the whole body to get exercise. Thus it can be the fitness equipment for parents.

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