A Business Opportunity – Santa Claus Moves on The Airwheel electric air board

Making Santa move on the electric scooter from Airwheel is a brilliant idea to promote sales of goods. Merchants only need to find a suitable staff dressing up as a Santa. Then Santa moves on the scooter to spin around the shop’s door, which attracts more consumers to your shops.

Every holiday for merchants is an excellent business opportunity, promoting the sales of goods since holiday is a perfect excuse to spend money and reward themselves for people. Christmas of this year is approaching, and merchants are busy with thinking of a brilliant idea to attract more customers. Christmas can’t do without Santa Claus, who is children’s favorite. Moreover, Santa loves talking to kids, making adults laugh and spreading some holiday cheer in a year where joy has been in short supply. As a result, merchants can utilize the character of Santa. There is a coup that Santa moves on an electric hoverboard created by Airwheel Technology. By this way, consumers see the difference, and are willing to enter into the shops.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/_Jtg2WaQYD4

Christmas is the best business opportunity among the whole year. If as a merchant, you miss it, then the sale volume seems to be in downturn. The coup provided by Airwheel is that give an electric scooter to Santa. It can work well. For some other merchants just arrange Santa to hold the advertising board, standing the shop’s doorway. That’s so common to see at holidays that seldom customers stop for it. However, rolling on the self-balancing electric scooter can make people or children stop to enter into the shop. Scooters created by Airwheel have various models.

Electric unicycle is the most challenging one, yet the coolest one. Airwheel F3 is stylish based on its hollow ring design. In most people’s eyes, rolling on this F3 is a sort of acrobatics. The skill of riding F3 is the balance and flexibility. Airwheel S6, equipped with two wheels is much easier to keep balance in contrast to F3.

 self-balancing electric scooter

S6 sitting posture self-balancing scooter comes with a seat that is rather considerate for Santa. He can sit to ride around the doorway to drum up customers. Long-term sitting is also not so good. Thanks to the adjustable support rod under S6’s seat, Santa can stand to ride. More information is under the below website.

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