Airwheel S6 Mini electric skateboards Convenient to Attend Christmas Parties

Family party and friends’ parties fill the whole Christmas. Which sort of personal transport is suitable to cover the short trip, between the home and the location of party? Actually Airwheel S6 mini electric scooter is a convenient travel tool.

Christmas is a festival full of fun a handful of parties waiting for us. Since Christmas is an important holiday season, the way to attend the party or visit friends is filled with traffics. If driving a car attends to the party, the car must be stuck in traffics. That is to say we are delight yet suffering at the holiday season. In fact, Airwheel S6 electric skateboards can be a convenient transport tool meant for covering the short trip.   

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Airwheel S6 sitting posture self-balancing scooter is equipped with high-quality lithium battery imported from Japan. The battery capacity is 260Wh, which is able to sustain the maximum range of 30km after a full charge. It is small in size with 8-inch knobby tires and light in weight with aluminium alloy frame, which paves the way for attending the party. Based on aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system, Airwheel S6 mini electric scooter can keep itself balanced automatically.

Through body movements riders can fulfill various steering, like acceleration, deceleration, and braking. It’s an easy-to-use transport tool. In the meantime, it offers riders a labor-saving journey. In order to give people comfortable riding experience and expand the target customers, Airwheel R&D team has adopted the adjustable design for the seat of S6 electric scooter. Hence, it supports standing-posture and sitting-posture during the ride. Apparently that is good for riders’ physical health.

saddle-equipped electric scooter

It’s not wise to only use S6 on the way to attend party. This saddle-equipped electric scooter is also applied to some other situations. For instance, office workers can exert it as commuting tool. Because of S6’s mini size, users can directly ride into the elevator. How convenient it is, for most users.

A short trip such as the road to attend Christmas party, the commute and some others is not a suffering thing any longer with Airwheel S6 mini electric scooter. That’s because S6 is convenient.

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