Ride Airwheel S5 SUV electric hoverboard to Feel the Unique Beauty of Winter

Winter is a beautiful season. It has warm sunshine in the afternoon, colorful fallen leaves in the morning and crystal snowflakes, but too many people miss these beauties because of coldness in the open air. However, Airwheel S5 SUV scooter allures people out of house and takes them to fully enjoy the cold winter.

Finally, the cold winter is coming. People are wrapped with heavy clothes, scarves, gloves and hats. Winter has its own unique beauty, such as warm sunshine in the afternoon, colorful fallen leaves in the morning, white snowflakes or cozy Christmas Day. However, too many people prefer to stay at home because of low temperature in the open air. Actually, there is no enough power to allure people out of their houses until the advent of Airwheel S5 SUV electric scooter. Even in severe cold winter, people are willing to ride Airwheel S5 to challenge the nature of this season.

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Different from other electric scooters, Airwheel S5 is designed for outdoor activities. The adopted 16-inch Cheng Shin tyres enjoy much better trafficability and more stable riding. Meanwhile, the exclusively-designed grooves of tyres improve performances of road holding ability, wear resistance, water discharging and heat dissipation. Therefore, Airwheel S5 SUV self-balancing scooter has better adaptability to many tough road conditions, such as country roads, mountain paths, gravel roads or even muddy roads and so on.

Then, people can ride it to enjoy the warm sunlight in park or to appreciate the beautiful snow-covered landscape in the open air. Besides, Airwheel S5 electric scooter is powered by 680Wh SONY lithium-ion battery, which supports the maximum range of 50km if it is fully charged. That is to say, people can take a one-day trip with Airwheel S5 so as to deeply feel the beauty of winter. 

Airwheel S5

In addition, Airwheel S5 electric scooter is equipped with a bass sound chamber. The large volume and closed design pave the way for the best sound quality. More importantly, it can be connected with the phone. Then, people can play the loved songs in the phone during the journey and they will get an unmatched music experience. Airwheel S5 is the blessing to people in charming winter. 

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